Sask. unveils new battery recycling plan

Saskatchewan moves to small battery recycling for 2020.  |  Mike Raine photo

Saskatchewan has implemented a battery recycling program, which began Jan. 1.

The 73 SARCAN collection depots, along with other designated sites, will accept single-use and rechargeable consumer batteries that weigh less than five kilograms each, excluding lead acid batteries.

The program will be operated by a non-profit environmental stewardship organization called Call2Recycle Canada. It has been voluntarily collecting batteries in the province since 1997 and has met all the regulatory requirements of a government-approved program, according to a government news release.

Environment minister Warren Kaeding said the program will be convenient and important as it keeps batteries out of landfills.

An environmental handling fee will be paid at purchase and range according to the size and type of battery. For example, fees for AAA and AA batteries are two cents and four cents, respectively.

Those fees will go to Call2Recycle to collect, transport and recycle the batteries.

A full fee structure and map of collection points are available at

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