Sask. agrees to pay AgriRecovery for livestock

Saskatchewan will contribute its 40 percent share of the AgriRecovery program announced earlier this month for beef and pork producers.

Agriculture minister David Marit said May 14 the province would pay $5 million to fund the set-aside program. That gives livestock producers access to a total of 12.5 million.

Ottawa announced its 60 percent on May 5, leaving provinces to decide whether to opt in or not.

Alberta and Saskatchewan have both now pitched in. Manitoba’s intentions aren’t yet known.

The details of the set-aside haven’t been determined but Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corp. will deliver the program once it is established.

Saskatchewan is also going to provide $5 million to help offset the increasing costs of the Western Livestock Price Insurance Program. This represents a 40 percent share of the increased premiums and will be retroactive to Feb. 25.

Premiums have risen substantially since COVID-19 created market uncertainty, leaving producers wondering about their participation in the program.

The premium adjustments will be in place until Sept. 1 and then be reassessed.

The province is urging Ottawa to contribute its 60 percent share.


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