Regulatory approval for herbicide delays non-GM canola variety

Commercial introduction of a new non-genetically modified, herbicide tolerant canola in Canada has been pushed back a year.

Cibus originally hoped to make its sulfonylurea (SU) canola available to Canadian growers in time for next year’s spring planting.

“Right now we’re planning on the 2017 planting season,” said Dave Voss, the company’s vice-president of commercial development.

It has taken longer than expected for Cibus’s business partner, Rotam, to obtain Canadian regulatory approval for the herbicide that will be used in the package.

This was the first year of production for the crop in North Dakota, the first market where SU canola was commercialized.

“What we’re hearing from the farmers is they like what they’re seeing,” said Voss.

“They like the weed control. It’s a broad spectrum of weed control compared to other systems such as Clearfield or Liberty.”

He said it is a good fit in a rotation with Roundup Ready soybeans because SU canola volunteers can be controlled with glyphosate.

Voss said Cargill is paying growers a premium for the crop because it can fetch a premium from consumers looking for non-GM canola oil.

Cibus is targeting 60,000 acres of production in North Dakota next year.

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