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Academy-Award-winning actor Christopher Walken portrays Saskatchewan farmer Percy Schmeiser in the soon-to-be-released "Percy" film. | Photo via

The following stories represent more than 23 years of the Western Producer’s coverage of Percy Schmeiser and his court case with Monsanto.

The stories are in chronological order, with our most recent stories immediately below.

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled against Schmeiser on May 21, 2004. That story was on the cover of our May 27, 2004 edition. You can find that story online here, as well as in its place in the list of stories below.

Percy and me
By Ed White – October 7, 2020
This isn’t a post about Percy Schmeiser, the real-life Bruno, Sask. farmer, and me, the Western Producer reporter. This is about Percy the Myth, now of Hollywood movie fame (played by Christopher Walken,) and me, the Western Producer reporter.

Don’t look to new movie for historical accuracy
WP Editorial – September 17, 2020
Hollywood tells some interesting tales. Some are based on true stories. Others, such as the soon-to-be-released move entitled Percy, appear to be based on untrue stories loosely connected to events. Based on the pre-release movie trailer, the narrative pits a prairie farmer and his collection of home-bred, saved seeds against an evil, multi-national genetics and chemical corporation.

New movie reopens old can of worms
By Bruce Dyck – Editorial Notebook – September 17, 2020
Western Producer reporters and editors don’t usually spend a lot of time worrying about the movies — not at work, anyway. After all, they’re not, as you might say, in our wheelhouse. But the email wires were burning up last week as we tried to figure out how to handle a movie that is expected to be released this fall about — as the poster says — “one man’s fight against corruption.”

Schmeiser movie could fan anti-GMO feelings
By Robert Arnason October 11, 2018
Farmers probably have more choices for canola seed today than there are frozen pizza options at the grocery store. In spite of that reality, Clinton Monchuk still hears the same comment from urbanites. “I had a tour on my farm earlier this fall (and) a lot of consumers don’t understand that I have choices of[…]

Monsanto company name disappears into history
By Sean Pratt June 14, 2018
Opponents of genetic modification won’t have Monsanto to kick around any more, but will they set their sights on a bigger company? Groups opposed to genetic modification and corporate control of seeds need to find a new target for their vitriol. Bayer announced that Monsanto will cease to exist as a company name now that[…]

Schmeiser remains committed to fighting GMOs

By Brian Cross June 6, 2014
Anti-GMO activists gathered across Canada late last month for a day of protest, but the man who many consider the most visible and outspoken opponent of GMOs didn’t attend. Instead, Percy Schmeiser spent the weekend with his wife Louise at their home in Bruno, Sask., about 100 kilometres away. Schmeiser, who was a constant thorn[…]

Anti-GMO activist to miss this year’s protests
By Brian Cross May 23, 2014
Anti-GMO activists across Canada are expected to take part in a global day of protest tomorrow calling for a permanent boycott of genetically modified organisms, a ban on the use of potentially harmful agricultural chemicals and mandatory labelling on food that contains GM ingredients. The so-called March against Monsanto is expected to attract millions of[…]

Farmer fined for patent infringement
By Barb Glen August 8, 2013
A farmer from Strathmore, Alta., faces a fine of approximately $544,000 in a default judgment for patent infringement of Roundup Ready canola. In a July 24 hearing in Federal Court in Toronto, the court ruled that Doug Van Verdegem and Bar V Farms Ltd. violated the terms of a contract with Monsanto for use of[…]

Biotech industry must consider social impact
By Barry Wilson January 20, 2012
Canada has developed one of the best biotechnology regulatory systems in the world, despite its critics and the need for constant improvement, says a biotech company executive. “Looking at the world, who’s got it right?” Pioneer Hi-Bred International biotech and regulatory affairs Canadian director Don MacKenzie asked during a Jan. 12 discussion at a national[…]

Farmers see damage judgment reduced
By Sean Pratt February 24, 2011
Four Ontario farmers have helped clarify the cost of seed patent infringement in the most important legal decision involving agriculture since the Percy Schmeiser case, says their lawyer. Monsanto counters that the courts have simply determined there are costs associated with stealing its technology and those costs vary with each case. The Federal Court of Appeal sided[…]

Seed packets spread GM flax: Schmeiser
By Sean Pratt October 15, 2009
The man who has travelled the world telling anyone who will listen about the dangers of genetically modified canola contamination has a theory about how a GM flax variety may have entered Canada’s handling system. European labs have detected CDC Triffid, a herbicide tolerant GM flax variety, in food products in at least 30 countries. Canada’s[…]

Both sides claim victory in Roundup Ready case
By Sean Pratt March 27, 2008
Monsanto Canada and Percy Schmeiser have reached an out-of-court settlement in a small claims case surrounding contamination of the Bruno, Sask., farmer’s land with Roundup Ready canola. The seed technology company has reimbursed Schmeiser $660, the estimated cost of removing the unexpected canola volunteers that invaded 50 acres of Schmeiser’s chem-fallow land in the fall of[…]

Monsanto wins Ontario patent cases
By Sean Pratt December 20, 2007
Monsanto Canada has emerged victorious in two Percy Schmeiser-type court cases in Ontario. On Nov. 27, the Federal Court of Canada issued a judgment against Paul Beneteau of Amherstburg, Ont., for infringing the company’s Roundup Ready soybean patent. The judge ruled Beneteau knowingly grew, harvested and sold 55 acres of genetically modified soybeans without paying for the[…]

Schmeiser renews Monsanto battle
By Sean Pratt May 31, 2007
He lost in the Federal Court of Canada. He lost in the Federal Court of Appeal. He lost in the Supreme Court of Canada. Yet Percy Schmeiser remains undaunted.The farmer from Bruno, Sask., is preparing for another legal battle with his nemesis, Monsanto Canada. This time around the 76-year-old farmer is the plaintiff. “At my age[…]

University releases GMO film
By Ed White November 3, 2005
A controversial anti-genetically modified crops film will get its national premiere before the annual convention of the National Farmers Union in Ottawa this month. The University of Manitoba is allowing the film to be publicly aired, ending a long dispute with two of its researchers who made Seeds of Doubt, a documentary that focuses on the[…]

Roundup back in Schmeiser field
By Sean Pratt October 27, 2005
He is as persistent as the Roundup Ready canola that keeps appearing in his fields. Percy Schmeiser is back in the news, threatening to file a lawsuit against his nemesis, Monsanto Canada. The Bruno, Sask., farmer, who lost a high-profile legal battle against the biotech company that made it to the Supreme Court of Canada, is butting[…]

Schmeisers lose again to Monsanto in GM case
By Sean Pratt June 30, 2005
For those keeping track, the score is Monsanto four, Schmeisers zero. A Provincial Court of Saskatchewan judge has dismissed Louise Schmeiser’s small claims case against the biotechnology company. The June 15 decision adds to losses her husband Percy Schmeiser sustained taking on Monsanto in a series of highly publicized battles in recent years at the Federal Court[…]

Schmeiser wants Monsanto to cough up $140
By Sean Pratt October 21, 2004
For those who thought Percy Schmeiser had exhausted all legal avenues in his battle with Monsanto Canada, think again. The two combatants were back in court on Oct. 18, only this time it was over small potatoes. Schmeiser again faced down his long-time foe at provincial court in Humboldt, Sask., representing his wife Louise in a[…]

Farmers wonder if saving seed OK
By Sean Pratt September 16, 2004
Two events that happened in May have some Alberta farmers worried about their ability to save and replant seed. The Supreme Court of Canada’s decision in the Percy Schmeiser trial and a report released by the Seed Sector Advisory Committee have prompted the Alberta Canola Producers Commission to take action. Ward Toma, general manager of the commission,[…]

A seed developer’s responsibility in preventing spread – The Law
June 17, 2004
Can a seed developer be liable for the spread of its seeds where they are not desired? This question was not before the court in Monsanto vs. Schmeiser. However, it is a question being raised by some farmers and opponents of genetically modified plants. They argue that the voluntary spread of such seeds interferes with other crops[…]

Has Monsanto won a pyrrhic victory? – The Moral Economy
By Christopher Lind June 17, 2004
IN the Greek Mediterranean many years ago, there was a king named Pyrrhus. His armies won a battle but the casualties were so high that his army was almost eliminated. His victory cry has survived for thousands of years: “One more such victory and we are lost!”Since then, a victory gained at too great a[…]

Split decision on gene case – The Law
June 10, 2004
On May 21, Canada’s Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision found that Bruno, Sask., farmer Percy Schmeiser had breached Monsanto’s patent by using the company’s Roundup Ready canola without having signed the appropriate agreement or paid the required fee. This decision affirmed two important points. A patent can be held for a gene that makes up[…]

Decision relieves biotech industry
By Sean Pratt June 3, 2004
If Percy Schmeiser had won his court case, the country’s agricultural biotechnology sector would have been annihilated, say industry proponents. They breathed a sigh of relief on May 21 when the Supreme Court of Canada ruled the Bruno, Sask., farmer had violated Monsanto’s patent by growing canola containing the Roundup Ready gene. If the judges had ruled[…]

MPs split on GM ruling
By Sean Pratt June 3, 2004
The Supreme Court of Canada says Parliament has unfinished business related to the Percy Schmeiser appeal. In its decision handed down on May 21, the highest court in the land said Canada’s Patent Act is unclear when it comes to moral concerns surrounding the right to manipulate genes to obtain better weed control or higher yields[…]

Schmeiser ruling good news for biotech research – WP editorial
June 3, 2004
A company’s legitimate right to enjoy the fruits of its invention has been upheld by the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision in the case of Monsanto versus Percy Schmeiser. The court found that the Saskatchewan farmer purposely grew canola seed that he knew contained Monsanto’s Roundup Ready gene without paying the company’s technical use fee. In[…]

Schmeiser supporters eye patent act
By Ed White May 27, 2004
Percy Schmeiser may have lost his legal battle with Monsanto, but his backers are determined to fight on. Meanwhile, organizations that backed Monsanto’s arguments against Schmeiser are relieved and believe that biotechnology rights are now stronger than ever for Canadian companies. The Schmeiser-Monsanto legal battle involved intervenors on both sides, organizations that the Supreme Court of Canada[…]

Schmeiser loses but war not over
By Sean Pratt May 27, 2004
The battle that pitted a Saskatchewan farmer against international agricultural giant Monsanto is over but the war over patents for genetically modified organisms will continue in a different arena, says a legal analyst. On May 21, the Supreme Court of Canada upheld a lower court ruling that Bruno, Sask., farmer Percy Schmeiser violated Monsanto’s patent by[…]

Schmeiser decision may help organic case
By Sean Pratt May 27, 2004
Monsanto came out the victor in its six-year legal battle against a farmer from Bruno, Sask., but the decision may come back to haunt them. The Supreme Court of Canada ruled in the Percy Schmeiser case that Monsanto’s patent on Roundup Ready canola is valid and enforceable, which a legal expert said could play into the[…]

Schmeiser win could hurt seed research
By Barry Wilson February 5, 2004
A farmer’s ability to save seed for next year’s planting, at the heart of the fight between Monsanto Inc. and Saskatchewan farmer Percy Schmeiser, is incompatible with patent rights required by seed companies to develop new products, says the companies’ representative. “Within the current Patent Act, we’re saying there is no so-called farmer privilege to save[…]

Top court hears Schmeiser case
By Barry Wilson January 29, 2004
Most of the time, it was difficult to find the farmer in it. The Supreme Court of Canada heard the celebrated case of Percy Schmeiser versus Monsanto Canada Inc., and it was largely a day of legal arguments and lawyerly dissertation on the finer points of patent law. Monsanto opponents had promoted it as a day of[…]

Schmeiser draws global attention
By Barry Wilson January 29, 2004
The Sacramento Bee newspaper in California last week proclaimed him “Canada’s most famous farmer. “A television reporter from France asked him how he had the strength to carry on. Bruno, Sask., farmer Percy Schmeiser stood before the international media last week and proclaimed himself a simple 73-year-old farmer fighting for ancient rights of farmers to save and[…]

Ont. gov’t gets say in Schmeiser appeal
By Sean Pratt November 27, 2003
The government of Ontario is weighing in on the legal dispute between Percy Schmeiser and Monsanto Canada Inc. It is one of a number of groups granted intervener status in the appeal, which is scheduled to be tried in front of the Supreme Court of Canada on Jan. 20, 2004. Interveners provide written or oral arguments on[…]

GM critics want say at Supreme Court
By Barry Wilson October 16, 2003
A coalition of activist groups opposed to genetically modified crops is vowing to turn January’s Supreme Court of Canada hearing of the Monsanto vs. Schmeiser case into a test of whether a patent system should apply to a life form. As a sideshow, they want Supreme Court justices to consider what they see as some of[…]

Legal fund for Schmeiser GM fight tops $125,000
By Sean Pratt June 12, 2003
Financial documents obtained from the Saskatchewan justice department show Percy Schmeiser has received $127,035.41 in donations over the past two years to wage his legal battle against Monsanto Canada Inc. The Fight Genetically Altered Food Fund Inc. was established to help defray the Bruno, Sask., farmer’s burgeoning legal costs in a battle that has made it[…]

Supreme Court agrees to hear Schmeiser case
By Sean Pratt May 15, 2003
Percy Schmeiser is going to get his third day in court. The Supreme Court of Canada has agreed to hear an appeal by the Bruno, Sask., farmer to overturn a decision that he violated Monsanto Canada’s patent on Roundup Ready canola technology. Schmeiser was originally found guilty of that offence by Federal Court of Canada justice Andrew[…]

Biotech, Schmeiser feel fallout of ruling
By Ed White December 12, 2002
When Percy Schmeiser heard that the Supreme Court of Canada had said no to a patent for the Harvard Mouse, he got his hopes up. “Apparently it has been really beneficial for me,” said Schmeiser, the day after the Dec. 5 decision. He has been fighting with Monsanto over the company’s patented glyphosate-tolerant canola for years. Schmeiser[…]

Schmieser attempts Supreme Court
By Ed White November 14, 2002
Percy Schmeiser has thrown his case before the Supreme Court of Canada, but a prominent national lobby group that supports the Bruno, Sask., farmer thinks only the prime minister will be able to stop companies getting patents on life forms such as canola. “We are asking (prime minister Jean Chrétien) to make sure that it is[…]

Schmeiser prepared to take case to Supreme Court
By Ed White September 12, 2002
He may have lost another battle in his war against Monsanto, but Bruno, Sask., farmer Percy Schmeiser says he plans to continue the fight. He wants to take last week’s ruling from the Federal Court of Canada, which upheld a lower court finding that he knowingly and unlawfully grew Roundup Ready canola without a licence, to[…]

Court upholds Monsanto win
By Ed White September 12, 2002
Despite a recent court decision, farmers still don’t know if they’re legally liable for rogue Roundup Ready canola growing in their fields. Last week, a three-judge appeal panel of the Federal Court of Canada upheld a trial judge’s ruling against Bruno, Sask., farmer Percy Schmeiser, who was found responsible for knowingly growing Roundup Ready canola without[…]

Advisers suggest seed saving rights
By Barry Wilson June 13, 2002
The government’s main committee advising on private sector biotechnology is recommending that patent laws be changed to take account of the right of farmers to save seed for replanting, even if the original crop has been patented. But that can only occur if the patent holder does not prohibit it through the original sales contract with[…]

Accidental sowing a violation
By Sean Pratt May 23, 2002
A lawyer for Monsanto Canada says even if a farmer unknowingly grew Roundup Ready canola that drifted onto his land, that person would technically be violating the company’s patent. Roger Hughes told three Federal Court of Appeal justices that, “Yes, technically he’s infringing under those circumstances. “But he said Monsanto has publicly stated that it only protects[…]

Failed appeal could leave farmer broke
By Sean Pratt May 23, 2002
Perhaps fittingly, Percy Schmeiser’s appeal came to a close with lawyers spatting about money. At the end of the second day of proceedings, lead lawyers for Schmeiser and Monsanto Canada duked it out about how much profit the Bruno, Sask., farmer derived from his 1998 canola crop. According to Schmeiser’s lawyer, Terry Zakreski, profit determination was one[…]

Monsanto vs. Schmeiser enters phase two
By Sean Pratt May 23, 2002
The lawyer for Bruno, Sask., farmer Percy Schmeiser says the judge who determined Schmeiser was guilty of violating Monsanto’s Roundup Ready patent made 17 fundamental errors in his decision. Terry Zakreski outlined those errors in front of three Federal Court of Appeal justices last week. But his case boiled down to two key points – the[…]

Farmer to pay bill of $172,000
By Sean Pratt May 2, 2002
Federal Court of Canada justice Andrew MacKay has calculated how much Percy Schmeiser owes Monsanto Canada. In an April 17 judgment he awarded the chemical company $153,000 to cover its legal costs, such as lawyer fees, witness fees and out-of-pocket disbursements. The damages stem from a March 29, 2001 decision in which MacKay found Schmeiser guilty of[…]

Proposed GM lawsuit may stir major waves
By Sean Pratt October 18, 2001
A pending lawsuit over genetically modified canola could have the ramifications of a tidal wave compared to the legal ripple caused by the Percy Schmeiser case, says a law expert. The Saskatchewan Organic Directorate plans to sue chemical giant Monsanto and possibly others “responsible for introducing” GM canola into the province because it has spoiled markets[…]

Growers plan court action to protect organic industry
By Sean Pratt October 18, 2001
A group of Saskatchewan organic growers wants those responsible for introducing genetically modified canola into the province to pay for the damage they allege has been done to their industry. They also plan to seek an injunction against the introduction of GM wheat.The Saskatchewan Organic Directorate says international buyers have no interest in Canadian organic canola[…]

Schmeiser appeals
By Ed White June 28, 2001
Percy Schmeiser wants another day in court with Monsanto. The Bruno, Sask., farmer has launched an appeal of the Federal Court of Canada decision that found him responsible for growing Roundup Ready canola without a licence. In the notice of appeal, to which Monsanto has not yet replied, Schmeiser’s lawyers attack many aspects of judge Andrew MacKay’s[…]

Schmeiser ordered to pay Monsanto
By Sean Pratt May 31, 2001
Percy Schmeiser already knew he had lost his legal battle with Monsanto. Now he knows how much it’s going to cost him. In a May 23 judgment, Federal Court of Canada justice Andrew MacKay ruled that Schmeiser owes Monsanto Canada Inc. $19,832 plus interest, and legal costs that are yet to be determined. MacKay also said Schmeiser[…]

Few surprised by GM canola ruling
By Ed White April 5, 2001
Bruno, Sask., farmer Percy Schmeiser says his defeat in a lawsuit launched by Monsanto has huge and terrible consequences for farmers. Under the ruling, farmers could be sued by seed companies for growing a crop that has been contaminated with genetically modified genes blown in from other fields, he said March 29, the day of the[…]

Case leaves legal ground to break – WP editorial
April 5, 2001
PERCY Schmeiser may appear to symbolize battles brewing between farmers and corporate interests in the area of biotechnology, but the result of his fight with Monsanto must be put in context. This was not the landmark case needed to define and protect the rights of farmers. The judge carefully sidestepped the bigger questions farmers want answered. Schmeiser’s[…]

Monsanto suit more about patents than GM canola
By Ed White April 5, 2001
The decision is in, but in the Monsanto versus Percy Schmeiser case, the more troubling concerns surrounding genetically modified crops were not dealt with, says a University of Saskatchewan law professor. “It’s a pretty run-of-the-mill patent law claim,” said Martin Phillipson, who specializes in intellectual property law. “This suit doesn’t raise a lot of the interesting questions.[…]

Judge didn’t rule on Schmeiser’s credibility
By Ed White April 5, 2001
Monsanto won, but Percy Schmeiser was not branded a liar. Those were some of the results of justice Andrew MacKay’s decision in the case that Monsanto brought against Schmeiser for allegedly growing its Roundup Ready canola without a licence. Both Monsanto and Schmeiser failed to convince MacKay of key claims that could have won the case for[…]

Schmeiser awaits decision in Monsanto suit
By Ed White February 1, 2001
Percy Schmeiser hopes to soon know whether he beat Monsanto’s lawsuit against him. “We’re expecting it in February,” said Schmeiser, whom Monsanto claims illegally obtained and grew Roundup Ready canola. “We kind of feel it should be coming. “Monsanto spokesperson Trish Jordan said the company does not know when to expect a decision. “We haven’t heard anything. “Schmeiser, a[…]

Genetic contamination damages organic producers
By Ian Cushon July 6, 2000
Monsanto’s lawsuit against Percy Schmeiser has attracted wide attention. The evidence as presented by both parties is now in the hands of the judge for a decision expected sometime later this year. Regardless of the results, Monsanto’s lawsuit has raised some important questions that need to be resolved.Genetically modified canola has lost the certified organic canola market[…]

No decision on GMO case until fall
By Ed White June 29, 2000
Judge Andrew MacKay is now considering the case of Monsanto versus Percy Schmeiser. The federal court judge is faced with two different stories about how Schmeiser’s 1997 and 1998 crops came to contain the Roundup Ready gene. He is also faced with opposing legal arguments about how to deal with the evidence.Monsanto says Schmeiser obtained and[…]

Lawsuit damages public confidence in biotechnology
June 29, 2000
Whether Monsanto or Percy Schmeiser wins the lawsuit, the battle between the two has left one clear loser, says scientist Keith Downey. “The stories that we’ve heard (from Schmeiser) have done a lot of damage to biotechnology,” said Downey after the end of the trial that pitted the Bruno, Sask., farmer against Monsanto. “The stories which Mr.[…]

Defence says Monsanto picked on Schmeiser
By Ed White June 22, 2000
In its pursuit of Percy Schmeiser, Monsanto used private investigators, listened to local rumors and obtained secret samples of the farmer’s crop, federal court in Saskatoon has heard. No one denies that Monsanto’s pursuit of Schmeiser was vigorous. But Monsanto and Schmeiser’s lawyer disagree about whether it was legal. Monsanto’s lawyers and representatives argue that they acted[…]

Farmer is own witness in patent-breaking lawsuit
By Ed White June 22, 2000
Bruno, Sask., farmer Percy Schmeiser stood defiantly as the chief witness in his own defence last week, placing his credibility against Monsanto’s. Schmeiser is being sued for allegedly growing Roundup Ready canola without a licence. His day and a half of testimony meant he could tell his story in his own words, but it also allowed Monsanto[…]

Expert walks court through technical labyrinth
June 22, 2000
The science of the Schmeiser trial isn’t simple. Anyone – such as the judge – who must understand the tests Percy Schmeiser’s attackers and defenders are using as evidence will need to know how DNA works, how genetic engineering is done, how DNA is tested, how pollen spreads and how crops grow and breed. “It helps me.[…]

Farmer’s story lacks credibility, says scientist
By Ed White June 15, 2000
The world’s most prominent canola scientist has testified that Percy Schmeiser’s story doesn’t make sense. Keith Downey, one of the men who invented canola, said he doesn’t believe it is possible that cross-pollination by wind and bees, or seed blowing off trucks, transformed Schmeiser’s 900 acres of canola in 1998 into commercial grade Roundup Ready canola. “The[…]

Defence questions accuracy of Monsanto’s methods
June 15, 2000
Monsanto has fired a volley of scientific tests at Percy Schmeiser’s claim that he did not knowingly grow Roundup Ready canola. It is evidence which, if found credible, would have a devastating effect on Bruno, Sask., farmer Schmeiser’s claim that he did not knowingly grow Roundup Ready canola in 1997 and 1998. But in cross examinations reminiscent[…]

Schmeiser will take the stand
June 15, 2000
Percy Schmeiser did not use bootleg Roundup Ready canola seed, he didn’t keep any of his own crop that was contaminated by Monsanto’s patented gene, and he didn’t use Roundup for weed control in 1997 and 1998, lawyer Terry Zakreski said in his opening statement defending the Bruno, Sask., farmer. The main defence witness, Zakreski said,[…]

Monsanto suit about patent
June 8, 2000
Percy Schmeiser is not charged with a crime and is not charged with breaking a contract. The Bruno, Sask., farmer is on trial in federal court in Saskatoon for allegedly breaching a Monsanto patent. This makes his case different from those of other farmers in North America who have been sued by companies like Monsanto for growing[…]

Monsanto, Schmeiser in gene battle
By Ed White June 8, 2000
The high-profile and scientifically detailed trial of Bruno, Sask., farmer Percy Schmeiser has begun. Over an expected three weeks, lawyers for Schmeiser and Monsanto plan to introduce a long string of witnesses who will support two radically opposed theories about what went on in Schmeiser’s canola fields in 1997 and 1998. Monsanto’s lawyers have begun marching[…]

Schmeiser seen as hero by many
By Ed White June 8, 2000
Opponents of genetically modified organisms have high hopes for the Percy Schmeiser canola trial, which began this week in Saskatoon. They hope Schmeiser will be found not responsible for the Monsanto genes that appeared in his crops in 1997 and 1998. The activists also want Monsanto brought to task for what they see as a radically[…]

Media superstar makes headlines over seed
By Ed White March 2, 2000
BRUNO, Sask. – The small town of Bruno is an unlikely place to see a parade of international journalists. And the defunct, ramshackle gas station called Schmeiser’s Garage is an unlikely place to find an international media celebrity, ready for his next encounter with fame. But that’s where you’ll find Percy Schmeiser, a man whose story[…]

Legal battle over patented canola set for next June
By Adrian Ewins August 19, 1999
The high profile legal battle between Monsanto and a Saskatchewan farmer will go to trial in Saskatoon next year. The two sides will square off in federal court on June 5 to argue the company’s lawsuit alleging that Percy Schmeiser grew Roundup Ready canola without a licence. The trial date was set at the end of an[…]

Drop seed case: Schmeiser
By Adrian Ewins May 6, 1999
A Saskatchewan farmer being sued by Monsanto has asked the courts to throw out the lawsuit for lack of evidence. In a motion filed in Federal Court on April 22, Percy Schmeiser also accuses the chemical company of slander, trespass and wrongful use of his property. It’s the latest development in a highly publicized David-versus-Goliath battle between[…]

Contract terms pit farmers against Monsanto
By Penny Yeager April 15, 1999
A small-town Saskatchewan farmer is in the spotlight for a suit launched against him by a transnational chemical company. “I don’t have my head in the sand. I know who I’m up against and they have unlimited amounts of money to fight this case and they can drag it out and try to break me,” said[…]


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