Researchers at the University of Illinois perform a uterine biopsy.  |  University of Illinois photo

Calcium’s role in dairy cows may be underrated: study

New research finds that adding calcium to prepartum diets can lower the possibility of uterine infection and return a cow to ovulation quicker

Achieving the right calcium balance in dairy cows is critical when they approach calving to ensure a health transition to lactation. Now a new study from the University of Illinois has shown that calcium added to prepartum diets can improve not only postpartum outcomes but also lower the possibility of uterine infection and help a […] Read more

Bill Klassen has based his business on a dual passion for people and machinery.  |  Bill Klassen photo

Farm changes watched from auction podium

Manitoba auctioneer moves from clipboards to computers and farm sites to websites after 50 years in the business

Every day at noon, Bill Klassen huddled with his father near the big floor-model radio in the kitchen to hear the farm report from Fargo, North Dakota. It was music to his ears and held the boy in rapture — not the prices of hogs and heifers, but the staccato rhythm of the auctioneer whose […] Read more

The Lethbridge Antique & Toy Show attracted 1,200 visitors last month, said organizer Larry Samoleski, who can be seen sitting in the background in front of Art Reed’s “Massey Memories” farm display.  |  Submitted photo

Toy collector ‘senses’ treasures

Avid toy collectors want details: the vibrant colours, the authentic patina, the actual size, and the price tag — all considerations they obsess about. Don Skretting can do none of these, yet he collects anyway. He is blind. At the Lethbridge Antique & Toy Show, Jan. 18, the 69-year old retired farmer held onto his […] Read more

Clarence Shwaluk, director of farm operations with Manitoba Harvest, says demand for organic hemp food is growing much faster than regular hemp, which is why organic hemp acres for grain could soon exceed conventional acres in Canada.  |  Robert Arnason photo

Hemp demand goes organic

Manitoba Harvest sells hemp food products at more than 16,000 stores in North America. That’s up from about 7,000 stores in 2015, which qualifies as robust growth. But demand for organic hemp foods, granola bars, protein powder and hemp oil is climbing much faster than demand for regular hemp. Which is why organic hemp acres […] Read more

Grain exports lagging

WINNIPEG (MarketsFarm) — Canadian grain exports from licensed facilities are running well behind the previous year’s pace, due primarily to a sharp reduction in movement to China, according to latest monthly data from the Canadian Grain Commission. Total 2019-20 crop year (August to July) exports of Canada’s grain, oilseed and pulse crops as of the […] Read more

Ukrainian pulses wane

WINNIPEG (MarketsFarm) — There has been a marked decline in the amount of pulses grown by farmers in Ukraine over the last couple of years. The changes were highlighted in an article written for the Global Pulse Confederation by Sergey Feofilov, director general of UkrAgroConsult. Feofilov noted total pulse production in Ukraine dropped almost 25.9 […] Read more

Corteva speeds up GM soybeans

CHICAGO (Reuters) — Corteva Inc. plans to accelerate production of its next-generation biotech soybean seeds and complementary herbicides in the United States and Canada over the next five years. The move heightens the competition for sales to farmers with rivals Bayer and BASF. Up to 20 percent of U. S. soybean acres this year could […] Read more

AG Notes

Tax credit available to canola growers Canola growers in Alberta who do not request a refund of their checkoff fees from the Alberta Canola Producers Commission qualify for a tax credit for the 2019 tax year. The Scientific Research and Experimental Development tax credit allows canola growers to claim the credit for the portion of […] Read more

Aussie wheat faces troubles

WINNIPEG (MarketsFarm) — It’s not looking good for Australia’s wheat crop this year and reasons go beyond the ongoing drought. As production in Australia has been on the decline, it’s also losing its market share of global exports, the United States Department of Agriculture attaché recently reported. Released on Jan. 31, the report stated Australia’s […] Read more

Indonesia finds new palm area

WINNIPEG (MarketsFarm) — There are 4.20 million more acres of palm oil plantation area in Indonesia than originally estimated by the country’s ministry of agriculture. In turn, palm oil production is expected to increase as well. The total amount of land in 2019 was now pegged at slightly more than 40.48 million acres. The increase […] Read more