Investors establish agricultural development fund

Most businesses could use more capital. More cash for marketing, new equipment, new employees and new processes, is normally useful. But to take their company to the next level, business owners also need experts; people with specialized knowledge, who can push the company in the right direction. “Giving somebody money is one thing. Actually doing […] Read more

Argentine port town suspends operations amid coronavirus spread

BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) — A key port town in northern Rosario, Argentina’s main grains export hub, announced it would suspend port activities as part of efforts to contain the spread of the coronavirus, drawing criticism from grain exporting firms and processors in the farm-rich country. An order posted on the Timbues government website said “all […] Read more

Ag vulnerable to absenteeism

The most pressing issue facing Canada’s agri-food sector during the COVID-19 pandemic is likely absenteeism within the supply chain, says policy analyst Al Mussell. Livestock industries such as chicken and hogs would be among the most vulnerable, given the protocols around their movement, he said. Biosecurity dictates that once hogs, for example, leave the barn […] Read more

Test project to allow foreign workers to stay in country

OTTAWA — A pilot project to help foreign agriculture workers stay in Canada starts March 31. The three-year pilot is to designed to address the labour needs for year-round mushroom and greenhouse production, as well as the meat and livestock sectors. The project is open to 1,470 applications per year through Immigration Canada. Specific occupations […] Read more

Food survey to beef up Alberta consumer data

An Alberta specific survey through the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity is in the works. John Jamieson, president and chief executive officer for the centre, told Alberta sugar beet growers that this year’s survey of the Canadian public would include a larger sample size in Alberta and at least 10 questions specific to agriculture in […] Read more

Less spending anticipated

The Saskatchewan budget scheduled for March 18 turned out to be a non-event as the legislature shut down amid COVID-19 concerns. Earlier that day the government announced a spending plan of $14.15 billion, but couldn’t say how much the virus will cost the health system or how much revenue the province could expect to take […] Read more

La Nina’s return could bring warmer, wetter summer to West

RED DEER — Western Canadians can expect a warm summer with more precipitation as La Nina emerges. “It already looks like it is going to be a pretty good growing season because of La Nina,” said Art Douglas, climatologist and professor emeritus from Creighton University in the United States. El Nino cycles warm equatorial waters […] Read more

Heterosis valve deserves more attention

Heterosis is defined as the performance superiority of crossbred progeny over the average of its parents

North American beef herds lack hybrid vigour and that directly affects every calf crop. “Looking around the country there is a very high proportion of straight breeding going on,” said Alison Van Eenennaam, extension genomics specialist of the University of California, Davis. “From a genetics perspective, when I look at the competing protein industries like […] Read more

Cash advance improvements make program more appealing

Farmers are facing looming loan deadlines and that might lead to many last-minute cash advance applications. Not only are various loans coming due, but many farmers haven’t been able to sell crops this winter. The improved cash advance program could fill the cash gap, says the Canadian Canola Growers Association. “Pay the expenses while you’re […] Read more

Farm groups welcome short-term debt relief

The federal government announced a pair of financial measures last week aimed at providing temporary financial relief to Canadian farmers who are facing economic hardships stemming from the global COVID-19 pandemic. On March 23, Ottawa announced that Farm Credit Canada (FCC) will receive an extra $5 billion in lending capacity. The additional credit will be […] Read more