Vietnam is a relatively small producer of grains, oilseeds and other crops, but the country does have 25 million farmers. Its decision on glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup herbicide, prompted strong reactions from high places. | Screencap via

Vietnamese glyphosate ban sparks concern

The decision to halt all use of the herbicide in 60 days is condemned for lack of consultation and lack of scientific data

In a decision that appeared to come out of nowhere, Vietnam has banned the use of glyphosate. Vietnam’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development announced the decision April 10, and the ban will take effect 60 days from then. “Herbicides containing glyphosate cannot be produced in or imported into Vietnam,” VN Express International reported. Products […] Read more

The Van Haren family, including Roger, left, Katelyn holding George, Judy, and Erwin holding Brianna, raise bison because of the animals’ self-sufficiency.  |  Maria Johnson photo

Alta. bison farm chooses to work with nature

Handling is kept to a minimum but family must provide sufficient feed and minerals and assure a steady water supply

LACOMBE, Alta. — Visiting Frontier Farm makes it understandable why the Van Haren family — Erwin and Judy, and their son, Roger, and his wife, Katelyn — raise bison. “They take care of themselves,” says Roger. Adds Judy with a bit of a smile: “We handle them with binoculars and a hockey stick with a […] Read more

RMs told they play key role in clubroot battle

The key to clubroot management is to keep pathogen levels low to allow continued production in infested fields

Rural municipalities with clubroot bylaws are advised to stay quiet if the pathogen is discovered. “From an RM’s perspective, if clubroot is found in their RM, we do really encourage them to keep that information confidential,” said Barb Ziesman, provincial plant disease specialist for Saskatchewan Agriculture. Ziesman spoke at the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities’ […] Read more

This 1949 scene at the Central Alberta Pavilion was typical of the 4-H shows for many years. Joe Johnson, farm manager at the University of Alberta, was judge, assisted by Howard Fulcher. Joe Biglands, centre with cane, is speaking with Wilf Edgar, a prominent Hereford breeder. Roy Ballhorn is standing beside Edgar.  |  Lacombe, the First Century photo

Alta. 4-H club celebrates 100th anniversary

The East Lacombe Beef 4-H Club is still going strong after 100 years; it is the longest running active 4-H club In Alberta

LACOMBE, Alta. — The East Lacombe Beef 4-H Club will mark its 100th anniversary on June 15, making it the oldest active, continuously running 4-H club in Alberta. Annette Zuidhof, an organizer of the centennial celebration, says the event should prove to be a sort of homecoming for some. “We’re really looking forward to seeing […] Read more

The Prairies are less cold and there are about five more frost-free days in the growing season, said agrometeorologist Brian Amiro of the University of Manitoba. | File photo

Parts of Prairies see more frost-free days

Scientists are noticing the region is less cold and that there are about five more frost-free days in the growing season

BANFF, Alta. — When Agriculture Canada scientist Yantai Gan came to Swift Current 20 years ago, he seeded his research plots in mid May. Now the seeding date has moved earlier to the last week of April and first week of May. Weather data from the last 50 years for that part of southwestern Saskatchewan […] Read more

Wes Anderson of CropPro describes how field and soil mapping allows for focused management. | Ed White photo

Red River Valley growers look for solutions

Farmers in southern Manitoba develop a unique set of approaches designed for their challenging environment

ST JEAN BAPTISTE, Man. — Here on the frontier between the United States Midwest and the Canadian Prairies, it hasn’t been easy to embrace soil conservation and soil building methods. The world-leading zero-till practices of the western Prairies don’t fit well with the heavy clays and thick residues of the Red River Valley. Midwestern cropping […] Read more

Impossible Foods product development associate scientist Kyle Okada measures plant-based burgers tailor-made for Burger King at a facility in Redwood City, California.  |   REUTERS/Jane Lanhee Lee photo

Fast food restaurant chain warms up to meatless burger

(Reuters) — Vegetarian burgers may finally be getting the recognition they need to go mainstream. In April, Burger King and Silicon Valley startup Impossible Foods announced the rollout of the Impossible Whopper in 59 stores in and around St. Louis, Missouri. To mark the launch, the burger giant released a hidden-camera-style promo video showing the […] Read more

Seed royalty talks remain on track

Online consultations surrounding the controversial issue of farm-saved seed royalties are on track to be launched this spring, according to an official from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Anthony Parker, commissioner of the Plant Breeders Rights Office at the CFIA, says Ottawa aims to launch the online portion of seed royalty discussions before June 21. […] Read more

Times still tough, but U.S. farmers remain optimistic

American farmers continue to sound glum about their economic situation, but they’re still confident about the future. Some of that confidence is built upon an assumption that U.S. agricultural exports will continue to grow, despite the trade war with China that has depressed soybean prices. “Producers seem more optimistic about the future of agricultural exports,” […] Read more