Man. cattle producers demand solutions

The plight of Manitoba’s cattle producers was put in front of the premier and cabinet last week, but no easy solutions were offered in response.

“This has been a disaster for us,” Orville Proctor, who farms north of Winnipeg, said at the Association of Manitoba Municipalities annual convention in Winnipeg Nov. 27.

“I know you’re trying, (but) a lot of this stuff isn’t working.”

Proctor said crop insurance isn’t accurately reflecting the value farmers have lost with forages and pasture, that cattle price insurance “just doesn’t work,” and tax deferral isn’t helping much.

Agriculture Minister Ralph Eichler said ad-hoc bailouts are “not an option,” but other programs can be refined.

“We try to make those workable for you, and we’ll continue to listen to what you have to say and try to make it where you’re all sustainable,” said Eichler.

Manitoba cattle producers and forage growers suffered from dry conditions in the summer and then a very early end to the pasture season because of cold weather and snow covered fields.

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