Lusters embrace horse pull

Using horse power on the family farm is tradition for the Luster family of Montmartre, Sask.

Horse pull competition is becoming another.

At Canadian Western Agribition last month, Jordan and his son Jonathan, 11, were among the competitors. Although Jonathan is too young to drive a team yet he helps in the ring.

His grandfather, and Jordan’s father, Jody, also competes.

“I’ve only been pulling for two years but we always chored with horses and had horses,” Jordan said. “It wasn’t a big conversion.”

He entered the lightweight and middleweight classes in Regina, finishing third in the former with Tom and Sunny, and fifth in the latter with Dan and Dan.

Jordan’s great uncle, Ron Sebastian of Lumsden, Sask., is a well-known name in horse pulls and he won the middleweight and heavyweight classes.

The winner of the lightweights was Drew Martin of Regina.

The Lusters use Belgian horses usually sourced in the United States.

“The more you learn the breeding of it and go back on certain bloodlines, you’ve got to go to certain places to find them,” Jordan said. “It’s all about how much heart they have to do it. Some don’t want to do it.”

Jonathan said he loves working with the horses and being around them.

“Just what they do, how they treat you,” he said when asked to explain why.

At home, Jonathan drives the team and exercises them.

“They’re performance athletes,” said Jordan. “They’re well-fed, well-looked-after with proper exercise and all that.”

He suspects he looks after them better than he looks after himself.

“That’s a pretty true fact,” said Jonathan.

The family hopes to use the tractor sparingly this winter as they move bales out to their cattle. Some horses will get some extra rest to be ready for summer competition.

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