Liberty Link variety tops canola field trial results

Trials conducted across the Prairies showed the best yield results with Liberty Link L252.  |  File photo

WINNIPEG — A canola variety resistant to Bayer’s Liberty Link herbicide, L252, showed better yields than competing cropping options in 2017, according to results of performance trials conducted by the Canola Council of Canada and the three provincial grower groups.

Field and small plot trials conducted across the Prairies tracked yields, days-to-maturity, lodging and other variables for about two dozen canola varieties in three general categories: Roundup Ready, Liberty Link and Clearfield.

Trials were held in long-season, mid-season and short-season zones with the Liberty Link L252 variety posting the highest average yields in most locations.

Average L252 yields across all three regions of 57.4 bushels per acre compare with the Roundup Ready 45H33 average yields of 53.3 bu. per acre, according to the report.

New data for straight-cut canola showed the Liberty Link L140P variety hitting average yields of 49.3 bu. per acre, which compares with the Roundup Ready 75-65 RR variety at 47.4.

Individual test sites saw wider variations in yields, and farmers are advised to look up the data for their localized areas at


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