Health care key issue

Health-care funding, the economy, pipelines and infrastructure are all topics that Alberta premier Rachel Notley said she looks forward to discussing with prime minister designate Justin Trudeau.

Notley said she had a chance to talk to Trudeau shortly after his Liberal party won a majority victory in the federal election Oct. 19.

“I am looking forward to working collaboratively with Mr. Trudeau and his party to build a strong Alberta within a strong Canada.”

Notley highlighted a number of key areas Alberta and the federal government need to work on together.

“We need to build important in-frastructure. We need to strengthen our health-care system. We need to take meaningful action on climate change and we need to develop and renew a respectful relationship with indigenous peoples of this country,” she said in a news conference.

“By growing our economy and protecting the environment, we can continue to make Alberta and Canada a great place to live, work and raise a family.”

Provincial officials will be reaching out to federal officials to talk about how the two governments can work together on different files, she added.

“I look forward to contributing to a positive alliance.”

Notley hopes to reinvigorate the first ministers’ conference be-tween federal and provincial governments. Former prime minister Stephen Harper refused to attend the meetings.

Notley said she will discuss with Trudeau the importance of diversifying the economy, including new energy markets.

“I know our energy minister is looking forward to working with the new energy minister on that file.”

In a news release, Alberta Liberal leader David Swann said: “Last night’s decisive victory is a testament to the power of hope and hard work.”

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