GrowSafe gets British partner

An investment company connected with the British aristocracy has created an alliance with Grow-Safe Systems Ltd.

GrowSafe is a Calgary-based producer of radio-frequency identification and sensor based systems in livestock production.

The technology enables farmers to improve animal feed conversion efficiency, which saves money and reduces the impact on the environment.

Its new partner is Wheatsheaf Group Ltd., a British firm investing in companies that work to increase efficiency in food and energy production.

“Wheatsheaf’s investment will enable us to improve our technology and strengthen our ability to bring science based decision-making tools to our customers,” said Alison Sunstrum, GrowSafe’s chief executive officer, in a news release.

GrowSafe produces predictive “thinking” algorithms that identify sick animals, triggering mechanisms that visually identify and treat without human intervention, the release said.

Wheatsheaf was created in 2012 by the Grosvenor Estate, which runs the assets and business interests of the Grosvenor family headed by the Duke of Westminster. Its holdings are mostly in property and are valued at more than $15.5 billion.


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