Federal food waste program launched

The federal government is launching a program to reduce food waste.

First introduced in the 2019 budget, the Food Waste Reduction Challenge launched Nov. 19 will award up to $10.8 million to innovators who prevent or reduce food waste “at any point from farm-to-plate.”

According to Agriculture Canada, funding “will be awarded to those whose innovative solutions have the potential of reducing the most amount of food waste, with a focus on new innovators looking to accelerate and grow their solutions and who may not have the necessary resources.”

As part of its Food Policy for Canada, the federal government committed $20 million as part of the waste reduction strategy. Two additional challenges will be launched in spring 2021.

“Reducing food waste is necessary for so many reasons: it can help save consumers money, improve food security, support efficiency in the agriculture and food sector, and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” said federal Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau in a statement.

The Food Policy is aimed at creating a more co-ordinated food systems-based approach to food-related opportunities and is aided by $134 million in funding, according to the federal government.

First launched in 2019, Agriculture Canada plans to move the policy forward by helping Canadian communities access healthy food, make Canadian food a top choice domestically and internationally, support food security in remote communities and reduce food waste.

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