Elevator sale rejected, demolition to proceed

A grassroots plan to save a concrete elevator from demolition in Raymore, Sask., has hit a dead end.

Terry Fazakas, a local business owner, has confirmed that efforts to buy the elevator have failed.

Fazakas had been in contact with officials at Cargill and Canadian National Railway and had ex-pressed an interest in buying the facility.

He was hoping the building could be saved and used to attract new businesses to Raymore, 100 kilo-metres north of Regina.

However, Cargill informed Fazakas June 13 that the building would not be sold.

“Cargill just said screw the environment and community,” Fazakas said. “(They) are doing what’s best for (them) and want to make sure nobody will get the elevator.”

Raymore’s concrete elevator was built in the mid-1980s. Cargill had been using it until recently to store canola.

Cargill said it had considered Fazakas’s offer to buy the facility, but eventually decided against it.

“After receiving your offer to purchase, Cargill has considered various options in dealing with the Raymore grain elevator,” Cargill official Jeff Wildeman wrote in an email to Fazakas.

“After discussions with stakeholders, Cargill has determined that the elevator facility will not be sold. We will proceed with the demolition process in due course.”

Fazakas’s effort to buy the elevator was complicated by the fact that CN owns the land on which the facility is located.

In a recent email, Anita Fleming, CN’s director of business development and real estate, explained its position.

“After discussions with the current owner of the facility, it has been decided that neither the facility nor the land it occupies is for sale.”

Fazakas said the fact that neither Cargill nor CN will accommodate a sale suggests that they have no concern for the well-being of the community.

“(Their) actions speak for (themselves),” Fazakas said.

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