Dam good ending to a farm theft

Porcupine beavers busted for dam theft.  |  RCMP photo

Police in the northeastern Saskatchewan community of Porcupine Plain found themselves with a prickly prairie mystery. What happened to the fence posts?

A local person had planned to use the warmer spring weather on May 7 to do some fencing only to find his pile of posts had been pilfered from the property.

The local RCMP in the community of 850 were called to report the theft and investigate.

Constable Conrad Richards of the Porcupine Plain Detachment was assigned to the case and began searching the area of the theft for clues that might lead him to the culprits.

“The stolen posts were located in a beaver dam,” said Rickards.

“A beaver – or beavers – helped themselves to the stash of posts and used them to help build a dam. I tried locating said beavers but they were GOA (gone on arrival).”

None of the beavers will face charges, he said about the Porcupine beavers.

“Who could really blame these little bucktooth bandits, considering the price of wood these days?”

The Porcupine Plain RCMP says it has “now closed this extremely Canadian case.”

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