Crop report – October 26, 2017



Harvest progress has spring wheat and canola complete, flax and soybeans are 80 percent complete, grain corn harvesting has just started and sunflower harvest has not yet begun.

Winter wheat established well and is responding favourably to recent good weather conditions.

Most areas have adequate livestock feed with good quality.


Harvest is basically wrapped up but some acres remain for canola, flax, red spring wheat, field peas, and soybeans.

Weeds and volunteers are active as minimal fall weed control has taken place.

Pasture conditions are variable and sites with less management are suffering from overgrazing.


Harvest is essentially wrapped up except for standing corn, corn silage, soybeans and sunflowers.

Seeded acreage of winter wheat is down overall.

Cattle are being removed from perennial pasture and being supplemented, or moved to extended grazing such as second cut hay fields or harvested grain corn.


Harvest of cereals, canola and soybeans are at or near completion, while sunflower and corn are ongoing.

Livestock winter feed supplies are rated 20 percent surplus and 80 percent adequate for hay.


Harvest is almost over, except for grain corn and sunflower harvests, which have just started.

Winter wheat acres have decreased with more producers growing soybeans and higher yielding spring wheat varieties.

Fall work continues, as conditions have improved following rains and pastures are rated fair to good.



No rain was reported and harvest is nearly complete except some soybeans and flax.


Ninety-nine percent of the crop is in the bin, compared to the five-year average of 96 percent.


There are a few fields of soybeans, oats and canola left to harvest, which is essentially completed.


Harvest is 98 percent complete compared to the five-year average of 93 percent.


No rain was reported and harvest is 96 percent complete.


Ninety-five percent of the crop is combined and on par with the five-year average.

While most regions reported little to no moisture, areas around Meadow Lake received 11 millimetres of rain and snow.



Harvest is complete with the exception of sugar beets, grain corn and sunflowers.

Surface soil moisture improved to 38 percent rated good to excellent with sub soil unchanged at 34 percent good or excellent.

The condition of fall-seeded crops improved with 46 percent rated good or excellent.


Harvest is nearly complete with good weather in many parts of the region.

Fall-seeded crop conditions are rated 43 percent good or excellent.


Snow and rain delayed harvest progress for several days.

Surface soil moisture ratings were unchanged at 94 percent good or excellent, while subsoil improved to 92 percent good or excellent.


Snow delayed harvest operations and crop quality is seeing a reduction.

Soil moisture rated unchanged at 92 percent good or excellent, while subsoil moisture is 71 percent good or excellent.


Most areas received four to five days of good harvest conditions before wet weather returned.

Crop quality is beginning to reflect the effect of slow harvest progress.


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