Chinese hog production sets record lows

In Brief

BEIJING (Reuters) — Chinese pork imports are up, and beef will be down, according to a recent USDA report.

“Overall swine production and slaughter will hit record lows in 2020 as African Swine Fever continues to impact China’s hog industry. However, the supply decline will bottom out in 2020 and 2021 beginning hog and sow inventories will be up by nine and 15 percent, respectively,” a Beijing United States Department of Agriculture attaché stated in a report last week.

“Robust slaughter in 2021 will drive pork production up to 41.5 million tonnes, from the record low level of 38 million tonnes in 2020. The 2021 ending pig inventory is forecast up at 370 million head, equivalent to over 80 percent of pre-ASF levels,” he continued.

“Total pork imports will peak in 2020 at 4.3 million tonnes and decline to 3.7 million tonnes in 2021 as domestic supply recovers.

Beef production will continue increasing in 2021, forecast at 6.9 million tonnes. Robust imports of beef in the first quarter of 2020 were met with weak domestic demand due to COVID-19 shutting down much of the hotel, restaurant and institution sector and a general economic downturn in China. (The) 2021 beef imports are forecast down to 2.7 MMT.”


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