Big company offers small-sized solution

Can-Seed Equipment is the distributer for USC Seed Treaters in Canada and it has a product designed for an average-sized grain farm.

“This unit is a small drum treater. It will do approximately 750 bushels per hour. It’s a very manual system for the average farmer. It’s very comparable to an auger style treater,” said Jason MacNevin of Can-Seed Equipment.

Chemical is released through an electrically-driven rotary atomizer that spins at 1,750 r.p.m.

The seed flow chamber can be adjusted to vary seed flow rate, the metering pump can be adjusted to vary chemical flow, and there are proximity switches for automatic shut-off of the pump and conveyor.

All motor controls are located at the 220-volt electrical panel.

“Some of the main features on this one would be the manual control panel, where you can dial in your chemical rate,” MacNevin said.

The atomizer chamber is the same chamber used on more expensive USC Seed Treaters.

“This is a patented technology. The seed will flow into the cone and spread out and 99 percent of the seed will get treated in the atomizer chamber. The drum is basically acting as a polishing unit of the seed,” MacNevin said.

The rotary drum for additional mixing comes in five-, six- or eight-foot widths, and there is a 27 gallon stainless steel mix tank.

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