Alberta harvest likely finished for 2019 in some regions

WINNIPEG (MarketsFarm) – Alberta farmers managed to make some progress despite trying conditions of cold temperatures mixed with snow and rain, including some hail, according to the province’s latest weekly crop report.

For the week ended Nov. 5, approximately 88.0 percent of all Alberta crops were in the bin. That’s up from 80.9 percent the previous week. Of the remaining crops, slightly more than half were swathed with the rest still standing.

The canola harvest reached 82.7 percent complete provincewide. Regionally, that ranged from 60.1 in Peace River to 94.7 in the south. The quality of the canola, province-wide, was 78 percent at Number One and 14 percent at Number Two.

The wheat harvest stood at 89.5 percent finished, with Peace River the furthest back at only 61.6 percent. The rest of Alberta ranges from 90.5 percent in the northeast to 97 percent in the south.

Farmers in the south made only two percent progress over the week to reach 97.2 percent finished, as they were held up by snow, rain and cold weather. However, only two percent of the crops were left swathed with one percent standing.

In central Alberta, growers achieved five percent progress despite difficult conditions and stood at 92.3 percent finished. Alberta Agriculture believes the harvest has wrapped up for 2019, due to snow in the fields.

The northeast saw farmers add another nine percent to the harvest, to hit 87.1 percent done. Despite tough crops and the necessity of drying what did come off.

The northwest witnessed growers making the best progress at 20 percent and reached 93.0 percent complete. However, with snow and cold temperatures in the forecast their harvest is likely finished for the year.

In the Peace River region, the harvest advanced four percent to 63.4 percent finished. Of what’s left in the fields, 14 percent is swathed and 23 percent was standing.

The Nov. 8 report marks the final weekly crop report of 2019.

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