Agribition winner was Belle of the stock dog show

Belle rests on the newsroom floor at Canadian Western Agribition after winning her second Stock Dog Championship. She is owned by Steven Rosvold of Ethelbert, Man.  |  Karen Briere photo

Don’t tell Belle that pregnant females are supposed to rest.

The eight-year-old Border Collie won the Stock Dog Championship at Canadian Western Agribition a full minute faster than her closest competition at 2:35.

This is the second time that Belle and her owner, Steven Rosvold, from Ethelbert, Man., have attended the show together and the second time they’ve won.

Belle is due to have her pups in mid-December.

“She’s been on kennel rest until we came here,” Rosvold said after the event, and she’ll be resting until her babies are born.

Belle’s pups are a hot commodity largely due to her show success, as well as that of her puppies who have also done well.

“I have an 18-dog waiting list off of her right now,” he said.

She has won the Denver Stock Show title and national cow dog championships and Rosvold said she is happiest when she’s working.

“She just lives for it,” Rosvold said. “To her this is fun.”

If the truck tailgate is down she knows she’s going to an event and will sit and wait for hours, he said.

Competitions are short, fast and fun as opposed to the possible dangers of working with cattle and that’s why she came off rest to compete, Rosvold said. As well, the Agribition event uses sheep.

He also brought one of Belle’s daughters to the event.

“She beats her own kids. That’s how you keep your kids in line,” he said with a laugh.

At Belle’s age, she will only attend a few competitions a year now and will be phased out of the heaviest farm work.

Rosvold has five dogs of different ages at home that he is working with, leaving Belle time to be a mom.

Rounding out the top dogs at Agribition, which was held Nov. 19-24 in Regina, were Jamie Gardner and Roy from Shaunavon, Sask., in 3:36, Russ Roome and Jill from Weyburn, Sask., in 3:41 and Wendy Schmaltz and Floss of McCord, Sask.

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