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Alberta 4-H elects board

4-H Alberta announced the appointment of its first elected board members at its annual general meeting in May.

Joining the board are Scott Bodie (diversity director), Tim Church (area director, East/West Central), Andrea Hanson (area director, Calgary/South), Evan Jamieson (youth representative), Syeda Khurram (diversity director), Kathleen Linder (area director, Northwest), Nora Paulovich (area director, Peace), Andy Pittman (diversity director), Cathy Price (diversity director), Christine Suominen (diversity director) and Janice Wirsta (area director, Northeast).

Ex-officio members include Kurt Kinnear, 4-H chief executive officer, and Jake Kotowich, executive director of Agriculture and Forestry.

Andy Pittman will serve as chair, Christine Suominen as vice-chair, Syeda Khurram as treasurer, Cathy Price as secretary and Lyanne Almberg as past-chair.

CGC appoints new grain inspector

Derek Bunkowsky is the new chief grain inspector for the Canadian Grain Commission.

He takes over from Gino Castonguay, who’s been the chief grain inspector for Canada since 2017.

Bunkowsky joins Gino Castonguay, director of industry services, and Chris Foster, chief of grain weighing services for Canada.

Welfare council hires new head

Dr. Melanie Barham is the new executive director of the National Farmed Animal Health and Welfare Council.

The veterinarian has more than 14 years of experience across the animal health and veterinary industries.

Her most recent position was co-ordinator with the Ontario Animal Health Network.

4-H launches mental health kit

A new mental health activity kit called Unbox Your Mind is available to 4-H youth members across the country.

As part of 4-H’s broader healthy living initiative, the resource will help youth to get to know themselves better and find mental health practices and solutions that best fit their mental health needs.

The initiative provides tools, support and guidance for 4-H leaders, families and youth members, as well people not associated with 4-H.

The kit offers resource materials, tip sheets, hands-on activities and strategies.

It provides youth with a variety of ways they can explore different tools and strategies to discover what works best for them.

Cargill is helping to support the initiative as well as United Farmers of Alberta, the federal government and Turkey Farmers and Processors of Canada.



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