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Dairy technology gets funding

Vitalus Nutrition Inc. has received $10 million in federal funding to commercialize a value-added prebiotic.

The company is a main supplier of customized dairy ingredients to the food, beverage and nutraceutical industries.

It has developed a proprietary technology to produce a prebiotic from milk permeate, a milk by-product, which can be used in infant formulations and other food to enhance their nutritional characteristics, including dairy products and beverages, fruit drinks and fruit preparations.

This will help the dairy industry transform an unused byproduct into a value-added functional food product.

DuPont donates to Farm Safe Foundation

DuPont Pioneer has donated $5,000 to the FarmSafe Foundation as part of its Community Investment Corporate Giving Grant program.

The FarmSafe Foundation is the charitable wing of the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association.

The grant will be used to design and build a grain safety display for young people. The display is part of a larger Grain Safety Program that is under development.

It will bring more grain safety education and training to rural communities.

Harvest sample program

The harvest sample program accepts samples up to November, but producers are encouraged to send in samples as soon as harvest is complete.

The Canadian Grain Commission offers the voluntary program for Canadian grain producers.

Producers who sign up receive a harvest sample kit annually that contains envelopes for sending in samples of their crop.

In exchange for samples, program participants get the following results for free:

  • dockage assessment on canola
  • unofficial grade for their crops
  • protein content on barley, beans, chickpeas, lentils, oats, peas and wheat
  • oil, protein and chlorophyll content for canola
  • oil and protein content and iodine value for flaxseed
  • oil and protein for mustard seed and soybeans

All grade, dockage and quality results are assessed by the grain commission.

Producers indicate they find it useful to have (unofficial) grade and quality information on their samples before delivering their grain.

For more information, visit the commission’s website at


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