American national barrow and gilt pricing fell again this past week to an average of US$53.34 per hundredweight from $55.91 the previous week.

U.S. carcass prices were also off at $68.07 on a weighted average, down from $74.19.

Pork carcass cutouts mirrored the decline, falling about $2.16 to $80.86, f.o.b. plants, from $83.02 and off $1.83 from the previous day. Primal loins were up $1.08 to $77.91, in contrast, and butts were up 20 cents.

For the week, hog slaughter estimates in the United States climbed to 2.234 million head from 1.988 million a week earlier. A year ago it was about 2.157 million head.

The Canadian Signature 5 price at Brandon was C$179.95 per 100 kilograms. This was down from $186.52 last week, which was down about $4.50 from the previous week.

Last week’s Signature 5 price on a hundredweight basis was $81.62.


From Crookston, Ont., the stockyard volumes of lightweight lambs, good quality sheep and goats were steady and prices flat, while heavyweight lambs brought lower prices for the week. Sales of sheep and lambs were 1,266, while 134 goats were marketed.


With ample supplies of finished bison, the animals have moved off their highs of previous weeks.

Canadian buyers offered up to $5.90-$6 per pound hot hanging weight for Grade A bison bulls. Prices are being set by U.S. demand. U.S. buyers are offering up to US$4.60 per pound, which is steady with previous weeks.

Grade A heifers were bringing C$5.80 with American buyers finding US$4.40 per pound in their pockets, depending on exchange rates and basis related costs.


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