WP livestock report

Hogs The U.S. national live price average for barrows and gilts was $52.69 Oct. 15, down from $54.71 Oct. 8. U.S. hogs averaged $67.33 on a carcass basis Oct. 15, down from $69.26 Oct. 8. The U.S. pork cutout was $101.32 per hundredweight Oct. 15, down from $106.99 Oct. 8. The estimated U.S. weekly slaughter […] Read more

American producers harvested 1.01 million tonnes of durum this year, a 46 percent drop from last year. | File photo

Durum to increase in ‘fits and starts’

Durum prices are likely headed higher but it won’t be in a straight line, says an analyst. “I view it as fits and starts,” said MarketsFarm analyst Bruce Burnett. Prices will shoot up when some trades take place and then pause or even fall back slightly before the next surge. However, he has little doubt […] Read more

Randy Mittelstaedt, head of market insight with R.J. O'Brien, said the renewable diesel sector will be a huge source of demand for soybean oil in four or five years, but probably not as big a factor this year as people were anticipating. | Reuters photo

Smoking hot U.S. soybean oil prices cool off

United States soybean oil prices have cooled off from their smoking hot summer highs. Prices that topped 70 cents U.S. per pound in June were around 60 cents as of mid-October due to lower-than-anticipated demand, says an analyst. “We’re in an interesting situation with the U.S. soybean oil balance sheet, there’s no doubt about that,” […] Read more

Egypt is the world's largest wheat buyer. | Reuters photo

Egypt has five months of wheat reserves – Ministry official

Cairo Oct 18 (Reuters) – Egypt, the world’s largest wheat buyer, has strategic wheat reserves sufficient for five months of consumption, the head of the internal trade development authority told Reuters on Monday. Ibrahim Ashmawi also said the country’s strategic reserves of sugar are sufficient for six months, while rice reserves are sufficient for three […] Read more

All macro-nutrients are in short supply for a variety of reasons, resulting in the highest fertilizer prices in history. | File photo

Supply chain problems contribute to fertilizer worries

Matt Conacher has important advice for western Canadian farmers. “Over the next few months buy a good portion of your fertilizer needs and, if you can, bring it to farm to assure your supply,” said the senior manager of fertilizer with Federated Co-operatives Limited. All macro-nutrients are in short supply for a variety of reasons, […] Read more

New pea plant thrills growers

New pea plant thrills growers

Ground has been broken on Alberta’s first yellow pea wet fractionation plant. More Than Protein Ingredients Ltd. is building a $100 million facility in Bowden, Alta., that will produce protein, starch, fibre and feedstock molasses from the crop. The plant is expected to be fully operational in the summer or fall of 2023 and will […] Read more