Tougher imported pork rules are said to be part of China’s efforts to manage African swine fever and counterfeit meat.  |  REUTERS/Jason Lee photo

Pork snag not part of spat: industry

Canada Pork International official says tougher inspections seen recently in China are unrelated to diplomatic dispute

Pork is not China’s next trade target, says an industry official. Reports surfaced last week that Canadian pork was suddenly facing increased inspection scrutiny in China. The news came from the office of federal agriculture minister Marie-Claude Bibeau. In an email, she said she was recently made aware of increased inspection of pork products. “All […] Read more

The meat market may not have yet realized how big the African swine fever impact will be in China, and the United States corn crop is treading deeper into trouble. | File photo

Analysts predict wild ride in meat, grain markets

Buckle your seatbelts and get ready for a wild ride in meat and grain markets in coming months, analysts told the Global Hog Industry Virtual Conference. The meat market may not have yet realized how big the African swine fever impact will be in China, and the United States corn crop is treading deeper into […] Read more

Total canola exports in April were 534,100 tonnes, compared to 926,030 tonnes for the same month last year and 972,300 in 2017.  |  File photo

April trade figures show China has hurt canola exports

We are starting to get numbers on how several issues are affecting Canada-China trade now that Statistics Canada released the April trade numbers. That was the month when China’s restrictions on imports of Canadian canola fully hit home. It was also the month when China’s problems with African swine fever really began to affect its […] Read more

Most of the sunflower seed planted in Manitoba comes from the United States, but seed deliveries arrived later than usual this year, which might have dampened a possible increase in the crop.  |  File photo

U.S. demand creates sunflower opportunity

American stocks are low because of increased demand, but prairie growers aren’t expected to increase acres by much

Consumers and food companies want more sunflower oil. Demand for the product is booming, especially in the United States because the food industry has moved away from unhealthy fats. Food processors have changed or are changing their product formulations, and their preferred option is often sunflower oil. “Domestically is probably the greatest area we’ve seen […] Read more

Options contracts are good solution in volatile markets

Hog futures could explode. Cash hog prices could crash. Corn prices could soar. Grain prices could slump. Markets always go up and down, but this summer is hosting much more potential for explosive volatility than most years, without even considering regular supply and demand issues. It’s a perfect time to use options contracts to hedge […] Read more

Canfax report

This cattle market information is selected from the weekly report from Canfax, a division of the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association. More market information, analysis and statistics are available by becoming a Canfax subscriber by calling 403-275-5110 or at Signs of stability The fed market showed signs of stability last week after falling $16 per hundredweight […] Read more

WP livestock report

Hogs The U.S. national live price average for barrows and gilts was US$58.87 per hundredweight June 7, down from $60.06 May 31. U.S. hogs averaged $75.63 on a carcass basis June 7, down from $76.70 May 31. The U.S. pork cutout was $83.08 per cwt. June 7, up from $82.68 May 31. The estimated U.S. […] Read more

Send Chretien to crack China’s coldness?

It was a nostalgic feeling last week to hear the names “Mulroney” and “Chretien” being batted around in the national news again, connected with each other. The former Prime Ministers weren’t fighting, but rather Brian Mulroney was said to be lobbying present PM Justin Trudeau to dispatch Jean Chretien to China to try to fix […] Read more

Australia forced to import wheat

Australia is so low on high protein wheat that it is importing product from the country it usually competes with in export markets. Australia’s Department of Agriculture and Water Resources has issued three permits for shipments of bulk wheat from Canada and there are more in the queue. “It’s an exceptional event,” said Bruce Burnett, […] Read more

Monsoons deliver below-normal rain to Indian farmers

Weather forecasters agree that India’s southwest monsoon will be substandard, which could hamper development of the country’s kharif pulse crops. The India Meteorological Department believes the 2019 monsoon will deliver 96 percent of the long-term average rainfall. The monsoon period runs between June and September. Rainfall is expected to be well distributed throughout the country, […] Read more