No property taxes will be charged on new wells and pipelines for three years

Alberta temporarily freezes municipal taxes on energy sector

After hitting the pause button on plans to help Alberta’s oil and gas companies by reducing taxes levied by rural municipalities, the provincial government said it has come up with a solution that will help both sides. “I feel with our decision today, we have balanced the needs of both municipalities and the oil and […] Read more

Canadian producers grew an estimated 122,000 tonnes of fababeans this year. The crop’s long-term prospects in the human consumption market look good because of Europe’s decline due to insecticide bans.  |  File photo

Fababean buyer shuts down

The world’s largest fababean buyer is out of the market for the short term as it chews through excess supplies. COVID-19 caused a sharp reduction in Egyptian consumption of the crop, said Mufaddal Saifuddin, a trader with Mufaddal for Food Industries in Egypt. He told delegates attending Pulses 2.0, a virtual conference hosted by the […] Read more

Most of Canada’s green lentil crop is thought to be No. 2 or better quality this year with barely any supply of lower quality product. | File photo

Green lentil demand expected to remain strong

Analysts say global imports could reach 1.18 million tonnes this year, up from the five-year average of 1.09 million tonnes

Analysts and industry officials anticipate strong green lentil demand in 2020-21. Juan Sebastian Pabon Chaves, vice-president of grains and cereals at Le Perla, a Colombian grain company, said Colombia imported 75,000 tonnes of green lentils in the first nine months of 2020. “That’s on the high side because normally in Colombia we import between 65,000 […] Read more

Dryness in South America is threatening Brazil’s soybean crop, which would support oilseed prices, including canola. This soybean crop was being harvested in Porto Nacional, Tocantins state, Brazil in a previous season.  |  Reuters/Roberto Samora photo

Oilseeds look set to break above long-term resistance

This fall’s crop price rally is driven in part not by current supply and demand fundamentals, but by worries about what might happen to crops to be harvested next year. We can’t ignore the market support from current strong demand from China and elsewhere, but a good portion of the market action is driven by […] Read more

For farmers, options are a sadly neglected tool in marketing and risk management. | Getty Images

Options are neglected tool in managing marketing risk

Option contracts are getting a lot of attention these days — for all the wrong reasons. They have been massively used and abused, often to disastrous results, by the hordes of homebound, overconfident young men idled by the pandemic, who flocked to trading platforms like Robinhood to make overnight riches. Many of them put everything […] Read more

Canada supplied 96 percent of the peas that China bought in the first half of 2020-21.  | File photo

Chinese demand keeps pea prices buoyant

China bought 1.45 million tonnes in the first six months of the year, which is a 69 percent increase from the previous year

China’s voracious appetite for peas will keep prices well supported throughout 2020-21, say analysts. David Chen, managing director of Ninjing Bonagro International Trading Co., thinks China could import as much as three million tonnes of peas in 2020, up from two million tonnes last year. China bought 1.45 million tonnes in the first six months […] Read more

Black Sea region produces seven percent less pulses

Countries likely to export 1.9 million tonnes, similar to last year but well below the record 
of 3.1 million tonnes

Russian farmers produced a good-sized pea crop but are unhappy with the prices, says an analyst from the region. Dmitry Rylko, chief executive officer of the Institute for Agricultural Market Studies, estimates that growers harvested 2.6 million tonnes of yellow peas, a slightly bigger crop than last year. He is forecasting 900,000 tonnes of exports, […] Read more

WP livestock report

Hogs The U.S. national live price average for barrows and gilts was not available Oct. 9 or Oct. 2. U.S. hogs averaged $64.52 on a carcass basis Oct. 9, up from $63.52 Oct. 2. The U.S. pork cutout was $94.80 per hundredweight Oct. 9, up from $92.15 Oct. 2. The estimated U.S. weekly slaughter to […] Read more

Canfax report

This cattle market information is selected from the weekly report from Canfax, a division of the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association. More market information, analysis and statistics are available by becoming a Canfax subscriber by calling 403-275-5110 or at Feds on upward trend Alberta direct cattle sales saw moderate volume trade last week with weighted average […] Read more

Investment funds keep grain afloat

Recent interest at hedge and index funds in the corn, soybean and wheat futures markets is having an impact on prices

Farmers can thank investment funds for the recent surge in grains and oilseeds prices, says an analyst. As of last week, hedge and index funds had a net ownership position of more than US$30 billion in United States corn, soybean and wheat futures markets. That is the highest ownership position since early summer of 2018, […] Read more