Pulses: Prairie black bean prices tick lower

By Commodity News Service Canada

Winnipeg, August 11 (CNS) – According to a report this summer from Queensland Country Life, chickpea prices will likely be volatile going forward, despite a drastic reduction in this year’s production. Pulse Australia estimates total chickpea production will reach 1.5 million tonnes in 2017/18. That compares to last year’s total of 2.1 million. Normally, that might give prices a bump but India’s monsoon reason was more favourable this year, and prices have been coming off last year’s highs, so a rise in price isn’t guaranteed.

Laird #2 lentil prices are hanging steady, according to the latest information from the Prairie Ag Hotwire. Bids are listed at 40 to 45 cents per pound.

Black beans in Manitoba fell four cents during the past week and are now going for 33 cents a pound.

Kabuli chickpeas (10mm) are also keeping firm and are now priced at 70 to 71 cents a pound.

Bids for yellow peas on the Prairies are now listed at C$7.44 to C$8.65 per bushel.


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