Pulse Report: Alberta and Manitoba lose royalty-free CDC varieties

By Commodity News Service Canada

Winnipeg, Nov. 14 (CNS) – Pulse growers in Alberta and
Manitoba no longer have access to royalty-free Crop Development
Centre varieties. The Saskatchewan Pulse Growers has licensed
the distribution rights for select CDC varieties in provinces
outside Saskatchewan to SeCan and SeedNet for 10 years. This
comes following Alberta pulling its funding for CDC’s breeding
program last year.
Yellow pea prices in western Canada rose slightly over the
last day but have dropped more than a dollar over the last week,
according to Prairie Ag Hotwire. Yellow pea prices rose six
cents to $6.65 per bushel, but over the week have fallen $1.44.
This is due to India’s announcement last week it has imposed a
50 per cent tariff on pea imports to the country.
Following India’s pea tariff announcement, dried yellow
split peas have shot up in price in India, rising by 25 per
cent, according to Australian marketing analysis company
Mecardo. Pea prices in India have been declining throughout most
of 2017, but prices went vertical following the government’s
tariff announcement last week.


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