Global Markets: Ottawa to ban two seed-coat pesticides

By Commodity News Service Canada

Aug. 15 (CNS Canada) – The following is a glance at the
news moving markets in Canada and globally.

– Ottawa plans to announce later today that it will phase out
neonicotinoid type pesticides, linked to bee deaths. The
pesticides are widely used on canola, soybeans and corn, usually
as a seed-coat treatments. According to reports in the Toronto
Star, the Pest Management Regulatory Agency will announce the
ban on two neonicotinoid treatments, thiamethoxam and
clothianidin, over a three-year period.

– Tensions between NATO allies Turkey and the United States
continued to escalate this morning as Turkey doubled tariffs on
American cars, alcohol and tobacco, in retaliation for U.S.
tariffs. The lira rallied, gaining about six per cent after the
country’s central bank injected liquidity into the market. The
U.S. and Turkey are at odds over Turkey’s detention of an
American pastor. As well, international markets have been
growing increasingly uneasy with Turkish President Tayyip
Erdogan’s control over the economy.

– Reports from unnamed past and current officials in the United
States say Special Counsel Robert Mueller does not have to end
his investigation into Russian interference in the last U.S.
presidential election before the Nov. 6 mid-term elections,
contrary to assertions by lawyers for U.S. President Donald


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