Global Markets: Britain clears hurdle to begin Brexit

By Commodity News Service Canada
WINNIPEG, Dec. 8 (CNS Canada) – The following is a glance at the news moving markets in Canada and globally.

– Britain has reached a deal with the European Commission that will enable Brexit talks to proceed. British Prime Minister Theresa May wrapped up urgent negotiations with European commission president Jean-Claude Junker early Friday morning in Brussels. Part of the agreement ensures there will not be a so-called “hard border” with Ireland. May says this will keep the country’s constitutional integrity intact as it moves forward with a trade deal with the EU.

– The National Energy Board has given the green light to a plan by Kinder Morgan to speed up the permitting process. The company has said delays in the process were threatening the project. As a result the NEB is allowing the regulator to sidestep two bylaws in the city of Burnaby. The move was applauded by Kinder Morgan but criticized by B.C.’s Environment Minister.

– Job cuts have been announced at one of Canada’s largest shipyards. The Davie Shipyard has announced it will lay off 281 workers and another 400 could soon be joining them. The company says a lack of federal contracts is the reason behind the purge.


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