Feed Grains: Japan to import feed wheat and barley

By Commodity News Service Canada

Winnipeg, Nov. 8 (CNS) – Following are a few highlights in
the Canadian and world feed grains markets on Wednesday, Nov. 8.

Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture has announced it will
import 32,540 tonnes of feed-quality wheat, and 37,610 tonnes of
barley for livestock use, according to Hellenic Shipping News
Worldwide. Japan is seeking for the grain to be loaded by Jan.
31, 2018 and arrive in Japan by Feb. 28 in the tender that will
be held on Nov. 15.

Feed wheat prices across the Prairies are varied, according

to Prairie Ag Hotwire. Feed wheat in Saskatchewan has rose five
cents in price over the week to $4.90 per bushel, while feed
wheat prices in Alberta have fallen three cents over the week to
$5.96 per bushel.

Feed barley prices have rose across the Prairies, according
to Prairie Ag Hotwire. In Saskatchewan feed barley has increased
by five cents to $3.40 per bushel, while feed barley rose four
cents in Alberta to $4.51 per bushel. Prices in Manitoba have
stayed steady over the week at $3.55 per bushel.


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