Steve Simon saw the increased popularity of late season applications in corn and decided he needed a higher high-clearance sprayer.   The results of his efforts are lift kits that can increase clearance between sprayer and the earth to 90 inches.  In the past two years he has sold more than 150 lift kits for a price that’s less than US$30,000.  |  Steve Simon photo

A really high high-clearance sprayer

If a 90-inch gap between your sprayer underbelly and the Earth’s crust isn’t enough, then you’d better get an airplane

High-clearance sprayers are reaching great new heights as they’re called upon to dribble nitrogen and spray fungicide and other crop protection products on corn as well as work in tall horticultural crops. Steve Simon of Simon Innovations is head and shoulders above original equipment manufacturers and other aftermarket lift kit companies with his high-clearance lifters […] Read more

The TurfPrinter is similar to a typical riding mower.  It uses small high-velocity jets of air to lay the blades of grass down in a specific direction, as determined by the art file prescription map created by the NGT artist or programmer.  The blasts of air are more than 300 m.p.h. and one millimeter thick.  |  Pete Davis photo

Sport park turf design goes high tech

Baseball park lawns always appear so perfect with their logos and alternating light and dark stripes, determined by the direction the grass blades lay and how they catch and either absorb or reflect the light. And, while it might not be agriculture as we think of it, there might be some lessons to learn from […] Read more

Cameron Nykoliation relies on his skid steer unit for a wide variety of farm activities, including feeding.  |  C. Nykoliation photo

Producers finding skid steers essential to farm

I asked producers through social media where skid steers fit on Canadian farms and it quickly became apparent that many farmers are very fond of the little loaders. “Chop off your right arm and that’s what life would be like without a skid steer,” said Brain Barnett, who farms near Moose Jaw, Sask. Matching equipment […] Read more

The days are long gone when we would simply crank the screw a half turn on the injection pump to squeeze out an extra 75 horses. | File photo

Busted chipped engine could cost you $100,000

The days are long gone when we would simply crank the screw a half turn on the injection pump to squeeze out an extra 75 horses. It’s a little bit more complicated today. You can still gain a lot of performance with aftermarket chips, but they are usually from questionable sources. What about the consequences? […] Read more

Stretching the Air Reel concept out to a full 45 feet was no easy matter for Crary engineers. The new system gives the operator very minute control over air volume, air velocity, tine pitch and direction of air flow on the go.  |  Ron Lyseng photo

Crary returns with giant 45-foot air reel

Big headers outgrew the time-honored Crary Air Reel system, but they’re back thanks to farmer demand

FARGO, N.D. — Crary started building air reels in the mid-1980s and they proved popular in most crops and most harvest conditions. Then combine heads started growing… and growing… and Crary technology became obsolete. Heads at 40 and 45 feet are now considered normal. To span that width, manufacturers started splitting the head in the […] Read more

Camso has come up with a solution to the problem of aftermarket tracks reducing road speeds. The new CTS High Speed tracks employ an integrated final drive which allows roading at 23 m.p.h. | Ron Lyseng photo

New aftermarket tracks restore original combine gearing

FARGO, N.D. — The benefits of installing rubber tracks on combines are well known. However, the big knock on aftermarket tracks is that they screw up your gearing and limit your road speed. On many farms, the upside of rubber tracks in the field trounced the downside of reduced transit speed on the roads. Farmers […] Read more

It’s a clear view from the green field in front of you up to the blue sky above, says Bob Moore.  |  Ron Lyseng photo

Farmers embrace front mount booms

Locating the boom directly over the steering axle improves the turning response, which is useful in tight fields

It was a big day for front boomers when red Miller Nitros received blue New Holland paint. When Nitro became Guardian, it instantly gave front boomers a large dealer network. Now that another major manufacturer has entered this expanding market, it gave the front boom trend a further node of respectability, according to Bob Moore […] Read more

With a tank capacity of 30 tonnes of sugar beets, one Hexx Traxx tank is equal to one semi load.  The 1:1 tank:semi ratio is just one of the efficiencies of the giant beet harvester.  |  Ron Lyseng photo

One machine performs all tasks in single pass

A big red beet harvester from Agrifac in the Netherlands is a 12-row machine that is completely self-contained

FARGO, N.D. — Agrifac brought its big red Hexx Traxx beet harvester to show off at the Big Iron equipment show in Fargo this year. The technically marvelous machine from the Netherlands performs all harvest operations in a single pass. European growers switched over to self-propelled beet harvesters 35 years ago, with Agrifac leading that […] Read more

The upgraded Agrilite conveyor unloads 4,000 pounds per minute and has a side swing of 10 feet both left and right.  |  Ron Lyseng photo

Conveyor trailer unloads 4,000 pounds per minute

This aluminum Agrilite trailer reduces producers’ fill time by 300 percent, thanks to its 10-foot conveyor reach

CORRECTION – 1300 CST November 8, 2018 – This story originally stated the conveyor trailer was capable of unloading 4,000 bushels per minute. The correct rate is 4,000 pounds per minute. FARGO, N.D. — They named the show Big Iron, with special emphasis on “iron,” but there’s always some aluminum and stainless steel that sneaks […] Read more

The Drop Pin hammer strap, the drawbar and the ring implement hitch are all designed, built and shipped out of Fort Qu’Appelle, Sask., to tractor plants around the globe.  |  Ron Lyseng photo

A screwdriver changed a farmer’s life path

For Brian Olson, who made his mark with PowerPin, safety awards mean less than saving a life or preventing injury

The epiphany happens instantly for some people. For others, the revelation is gradual. For Brian Olson, the motivation to focus his life on safe farm equipment came in mere minutes. Olson recalls the day in 1988 when it finally struck him full force that the process of moving farm equipment was inherently a very dangerous […] Read more