The TireGrabber allows producers to safely handle both small and large farm tires.  |  TireGrabber photo

Grabbing the big stuff safely and securely

Handling tires on the farm has always been a bit risky, but today’s rubber is awkward at best, dangerous at worst

For the second year in a row the TireGrabber won first place for farm safety in the Manitoba Ag Days awards. The 2021 award was for the company’s updated product, the TireGrabber Reversible, that fits more tire sizes and types. Darcy Goossen, owner of TireGrabber, said he was asked by prospective customers for the ability […] Read more

A small, two-inch wide trickle of air from the pit bottom, seven feet below the surface, bubbles up into a four-foot diameter mushroom circle. The Smart Manure system works for indoor slurry pits as well as outdoor lagoons.  |  Smart Manure photo

Oxygen dissipates slurry smell

Other fun facts:

Air pumped into slurry tanks mixes the manure. Rising air bubbles promote aerobic bacteria, which digests toxins, fatty acids and ammonia. This reduces manure’s biological oxygen demand and reduces odour. That’s the concept upon which the Irish-based Dairy Power company based their Smart Manure Aeration system. Adam Steward of Dairy Power in Canada says the […] Read more

Solectrac 40 h.p. utility electric tractor.  |  Solectrac photo

Small and mighty, these electrics spark imagination

Electric farm machinery is finding its way into a few special fields, but the broadacre future might be full of them

Electric-powered farm equipment is inevitable for many agricultural applications, especially those with many stop-and-start duty cycles. Significant advancements in electrification are needed before diesel tanks can be removed from machines like combines and high-horsepower tractors that typically run at a set duty cycle all day long. However, the technology is already available for compact electric […] Read more

Cognitive Agro Pilot is an artificial intelligence-based autonomous driving system for farm equipment developed jointly by two Moscow companies, Sberbank and Cognitive Pilot. | Screencap via

Self-guided Russian combines cut 400,000 acres GPS-free

The Cognitive Agro Pilot combine follows the crop edge within a four-inch tolerance and farms reduce labour

Folks who doubt the viability of autonomous field implements should take a good look at videos showing more than 350 combines of all brands helping harvest the 2020 Russian crop. Last fall, a mix of more than 350 New Holland, John Deere, Claas and Russian-built combines were outfitted with Cognitive Agro Pilot autonomous driving systems. […] Read more

More than 350 autonomous combines harvested 400,000 acres of Russian crop in 2020, bringing in 720,000 tonnes of grain. Equipping so many New Holland, Deere, Claas and Russian combines with the Cognitive Agro Pilot proved that big-acre autonomous field machinery has finally moved beyond the prototype stage. Cognitive Agro Pilot is a joint project developed by Moscow-based Sberbank and Cognitive Technologies group.  |  Cognitive Agro Pilot photo

When will drivers vacate the cab?

At a price of US$10,000 there may be some prairie producers chomping at the bit to install a Cognitive Agro Pilot this year

Every prairie farmer who’s given even a passing thought to the idea of autonomous tractors has questioned whether it’s possible, or even desirable, to remove the driver from the cab. Even if the machine has the capability to be fully autonomous, the safety factor remains the biggest argument for keeping a driver in the cab […] Read more

The US$10,000 Cognitive Agro Pilot includes an autonomous unit to manage implements, a video camera, a display, a set of connecting cables plus other necessary components. User interface is available trough Android mobile app for smartphones or rugged tables.  |  Cognitive Agro Pilot photo

Cognitive tech talk: Single camera, NVIDIA

Olga Uskova says the Cognitive Agro Pilot kit sells for US$10,000 and consists of five main components: Control unit with neuroprocessor (NVIDIA TX2) for autonomous driving. It contains the main stack of algorithms, processes the video feed and issues commands to the CAN bus Two megapixel armoured colour video camera Display tablet in cab, which […] Read more

The Meter Max Ultra Test Stand calibrates any brand or type of meter.  It drives the meter at the same speed and population the grower dials in. The test consists of a 1,000 seed drop keeping track of skips, doubles and miss-placed seeds. It applies an appropriate value to each seed dropped off target. The results are displayed on the 20/20 SeedSense screen and a printable report is generated.  | CaseIH photo

Planter calibration critical to seeding ROI

Research during the past two decades tells corn growers that seed spacing, seed singulation and seed placement are critical factors in extracting top returns on that big input investment. The most important task in any cropping system is to place the seed at the correct spot for the conditions. This task is especially important when […] Read more

MeterMax: how it works

Grand River Planters in Caledonia, Ont., has been providing customers with MeterMax calibration for years, said Grand River’s Thomas Snyder. The Meter Max Ultra test stands lets Grand River Planters (GRPP) test any brand or type of meter. The Ultra drives the meter at the same speed and population the grower has dialed in. The […] Read more

Built on a Harvest International toolbar, the Laser row units are on 15-inch centres for canola and beans, with second-row lockups for 30-inch corn and sunflower. Precision Planting Delta Force hydraulic down force manages them after Yetter units clear the way. Precision also looks after metering out three liquid products. Camso tracks keep it off the ground.  |  Travis Messer photo

Planting canola by the numbers, one seed at a time

North Dakota farmer had a new planting tool custom built so the farm can seed canola to corn in a single pass with speed and precision

Travis Messer first built a planter that could handle his North Dakota farm’s canola crop in 2015. “Our farm had been in canola for a number of years and we just knew what planters, with good depth control and precise placement, would be a way to save on some seed costs,” Messer said. He said […] Read more

The Amity Technology Crop Chaser is a grain and silage cart designed for soft soils and/or low compaction.  Rather than auger it into the truck, dump it. | Amity Technology photo

Don’t bother lifting it up with the auger, take it over the top

Fargo, North Dakota’s Amity Technology is selling a high-lift, side-dump cart that can be used with silage, grain and specialty crops like sugar beets. There are two models in the Crop Chaser lineup: the CC1000 single-tank and CC2000 double-tank. The 1000 single-tank model has independent front and rear live wall chains and four hydraulic remotes […] Read more