Ag in Motion runs through Thursday July 18 northwest of Saskatoon, near Langham, Sask. | Paul Yanko photo

LIVE BLOG: Ag in Motion 2019

Ag in Motion is underway for its fifth consecutive year. The show, located northwest of Saskatoon near Langham, Sask., runs through Thursday July 18th, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day. Western Producer reporters are on the ground at the show and will be posting stories, photos and videos throughout the duration of the show. […] Read more

The model 3600 pull-type, rotary hoe provides narrow transport and is available up to 66 feet wide. Effective in crusted soils during emergence and able to kill weeds without herbicides, the hoe can also aerate wet residue ahead of seeding.  |  Yetter photo

Rotary hoes control weeds with limited impact

Whether used before or after seeding, this mechanical weed control tool can crack crusts and break resistance

Rotary hoes are interesting, light tillage tools that have been around for some time. They can provide a variety of benefits to many farm operations, which are becoming especially relevant in the current agricultural climate. “The rotary hoe’s unique wheel design allows it to flick weeds onto the soil surface where their roots are left […] Read more

German farmers hear about the Smart Sprayer technology during Agritechica in Hanover.  |  xarvio photos

Smart Sprayer IDs and kills weeds on sight

A Smart Sprayer, equipped with boom-mount cameras coupled to Xarvio image recognition technology, can identify 20 species of weeds and trigger a surgically precise herbicide blast to one specific weed. Conventional blanket field coverage dumps millions of litres of unneeded herbicide on millions of prairie acres, which represents a tremendous financial waste for farmers. As […] Read more

The X-Steam-inator has a power take-off-powered generator that supplies electricity to an induction heater that instantly creates steam. The steam is applied to the field with a ceramic-insulated boom, controlling weeds and potentially desiccating crops. | Robin Booker photo

Machine controls weeds with steam

Proponents say herbicide resistance and attacks on glyphosate make it a good time to look for alternative weed control

REGINA — Steam power is returning to prairie fields, but this time as a weed control option that may disrupt conventional broad-acre weed management. “The X-Steam-inator is 100 percent steam, there is no chemical whatsoever in it,” said Ron Gleim, founder of X-Steam-inator. “It’s all electric, there are no boilers, there are no flames, there […] Read more

This ground-based drone has a camera on the front with artificial intelligence that is capable of identifying a wide variety of plants, including weeds and crops.  |  Daniel McCann photo

Drone sprayers separate the weeds

REGINA — A Saskatchewan company has developed artificially intelligent robots capable of detecting and spraying weeds autonomously. “There is the brain and the body. The brain is the parts of the camera, the AI that figures out what it’s looking at and can actually differentiate between weed and crop. And not just differentiate, it will […] Read more

The Brandt 1520XT attracted attention at Regina’s Farm Progress Show, despite the heavy rain. The new design kicks the 20 inch auger 7.5 feet forward from the hitching point, allowing the tractor operator to look to the side with unloading, rather than back.  |  Michael Raine photo

Brandt offers new and improved

Regina company uses Canada’s Farm Progress Show to kick off a large launch of belts, carts and new tools

REGINA — Five new products released at one show “was a lot of new stuff. But these were needs in the marketplace, things farmers were asking for.” Taylor de Gooijer of Brandt Industries said the number of new products that his company brought out at Regina’s Farm Progress Show kept the short-line company’s staff busy, […] Read more

The TatraBears field rollers are large diameter units, but with shorter sections than many rollers of this class. Similar to packer designs seen in both Canadian and European built vertical tillage equipment, the grooved system is effective for rock suppression.  |  TatraBears photo

V-ring design offers field roller improvement

TatraBears from the Czech Republic contributes its own twist to the standard drum roller design with unique changes

Drum and Cambridge rollers are some of the most commonly used agricultural field rollers in the world, but other interesting roller options are out there if producers look further afield. TatraBears, a farm equipment manufacturer from the Czech Republic, has come up with an interesting addition to the global roller market. The company has developed […] Read more

The Hands Free Farm in Great Britain is preparing to grow three different grains on 85 acres thanks to extra funding. These photos are from last year’s project.  |  Hands Free Hectare photo

Autonomous farm project expands in Britain

The project harvests grain using only robots and autonomous machinery, including a tractor, combine and drones

Extra funding has been made available to expand an autonomous arable farming project in the United Kingdom. Initially launched in 2016 by Harper Adams University and Precision Decisions, the Hands Free Hectare project was designed to demonstrate that one hectare of grain (2.47 acres) could be grown to harvest without humans setting foot on the […] Read more

The Canadian-built Boomerang Chaff Cart will make its debut at Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina this month.  |  Ron Lyseng photo

Big capacity chaff collection cart Canadian style

With feed shortages looming, cattle producers are thinking about alternative feed sources, such as ammoniated slough grass and chaff. Chaff may have high nutritional value, but it’s a nuisance to handle. Eldon Obach intends to turn that negative perception around 180 degrees with his new high-volume Boomerang Chaff Cart. Last week he completed construction on […] Read more

RoadBib is designed for tractors that split their time between field and road, such as manure, silage, grain carts, water tanks and spreading equipment.  |  Michelin photo

Roading tire change for Michelin

“Bib” the Michelin Man has just introduced a new tire aimed at farmers who put their tractors on public roads on a regular basis, towing slurry or heavy grain carts. The Michelin RoadBib has a revolutionary new tread design. Instead of a traditional lugged tire, it features 52 blocks with a wide footprint and shallow […] Read more