Superior Farms Solutions Limited Partnership has facilities in Imperial, Sask., and Regina and was established as a consolidation platform for short-line equipment manufacturers, according to court documents. Rite Way is its operating business, well known for rock pickers, land rollers and harrows. | Screencap via

Rite Way looks to purchase Morris Industries

Rite Way is poised to buy the assets of Morris Industries, according to court documents filed May 26. The sixth report of the monitor, Alvarez and Marsal, said that no acceptable offers had been received as of its previous report, dated May 6. However, the monitor explored options, including further discussion with bidders who had […] Read more

The new AFS Connect Steiger gets an systems upgrade along with some new transmission features. Greater ability for the operator to control more features with a single button, reduces stress and ensures all the work is getting done.  |  CaseIH photo

Big tractors get more precise tools

From the ground, only the sticker on the hood appears different. But those few letters “AFS Connect” stand for a lot of change. The AFS part is what Case IH has called its precision and guidance systems for years. Putting it on the cowling means that producers are getting more tools that aren’t as obvious […] Read more

It may resemble the old Phoenix, but the new rotary harrow from Rite Way is a different machine, built stronger on the Rite Way heavy-harrows platform.  The rotary harrow is designed to dry out wet surfaces in preparation for seeding.  |  Rite Way photo

Phoenix rises in the mud

If you believe in “Rise of the Phoenix” listen up. The time-honored Phoenix rotary harrow is now available in a heavy-duty version, almost as if it was designed for our current wet spring. In the legend, Phoenix rose from the ashes. This spring, the Rite Way rotary harrow instead is rising from the mud. Rite […] Read more

Hiniker's new hemp harvester eliminates the hand-work that is normally associated with harvesting the medicinal crops in the field. The rotary cutters are similar to hay tools, while the adjustable augers are reminiscent of forage harvester gear. Conveyors 42 inches wide carry the product to the wagon or truck box.  |  Hiniker photo

Harvester takes out hand-work

Hiniker’s CBD harvester was set to go, or so the company thought. Then came the farmer feedback. “After we unveiled it there (at a farm machinery show last year) and got some farmers’ input we decided we were not going to bring that to market,’’ said Matt Morrison of Hiniker. “Everyone had different ideas on […] Read more

The AutoTrac Controller 300 is a simple kit that can be adapted to different brands, types and ages of ag machines as long as they have single point hydraulic steering from a single source.  |  John Deere illustration

It’s green but works on red, blue and yellow machines

Simple low-cost autosteer with practical installation makes use of Deere’s technology but is a fit for many older machines

Most farmers want autosteer on older machines and newer machines that didn’t come with OEM autosteer. The challenge is which aftermarket system. There are many from which to choose. Now there’s one more, and it’s green. Deere says their new AutoTrac Controller 300 expands automated steering to more ag machines, making autosteer easier and less […] Read more

The Netherlands-based Ploeger launched the CM4240 at Agritechnica last winter, which is a self propelled rotary rake developed specifically for grass forage. | Robin Booker photo

Tough grass, low-volume conditions made for rake

A 260-horsepower self-propelled rotary rake has been developed by Ploeger for windrowing grass in silage production. “It’s a self-propelled belt merger, it has two five-metre-wide elements, which will pick up grass onto the belt and then you can discharge it left or right,” said Niels Antonissen of Ploeger. “Or they can be separated, leaving space, […] Read more

A constant duty cycle of large tractors and combines that run continually are tough to hybridize or electrify, but for implements and machinery that have a lot starting and stopping of the tool, such as this orchard-tree shaker, it is ideal.  |  Bryan Phares photo

Electric hybrid equipment finding foothold in agriculture

The on-road electric vehicle (EV) and hybrid market is far more mature than the off-road market that includes agricultural applications. In the on-road market there are plenty of components, from generators and batteries to safety systems that vehicle makers can use, which is one of the reasons there have recently been new offerings on the […] Read more

The COVID-19 crisis left farm machinery companies examining how to protect staff from the virus and remain operational for producers said Jim Wood of Rocky Mountain Equipment. | File photo

Machinery dealerships socially distancing

Farm equipment company keeps its doors open, but finds ways to do it safely while meeting farmers’ demands for service

“When this all started, we were full. Shops were full. Pre-seeding spring work was booked up. And combines were getting ready to go again. We knew we had to keep farmers rolling and that would need a plan,” said Jim Wood, speaking to what Rocky Mountain Equipment did with their 36 farm equipment dealerships in […] Read more

Doleco's textile chain is 15 times stronger than steel chain by weight, 15 percent more resistant to abrasion than carbon steel and up to 85 percent lighter.  It floats on water.    The textile chain is available with a working load limit of   22,000 pounds.  Doleco’s new DoRa Ratcheting Load Binder is 20 percent shorter than others and extends to twice their length.  |  Doleco photo

Chains so heavy they float

Doleco has introduced two products that are expected to take equipment transport two giant steps forward: a unique compact load binder and a textile chain that’s stronger than steel yet so light it floats on water. “Fabric technology has improved over the year, leaps forward, making this possible. If you can do it with chain, […] Read more

The new AC5150 large square baler  accumulator from Case is designed to carry five uniformly packaged bales for improved field efficiency.  |  Case IH photo

Making the Case for the new large square bale accumulator

Fewer trips across the field saves time and protects the field, letting producers put up hay more efficiently

“Set a GPS zone on your phone’s app and it will automatically drop the bales there when you pass over it.” Case’s Brian Spencer was describing something new to large square bale production, organizing drop zones on a phone. Case’s lineup of large square bale accumulators includes three-bale and five-bale horizontal models plus a three-bale […] Read more