DOT Technologies Corp. has brought in Rob Saik as chief executive officer of DOT Ready Retail, a new sales and marketing side of the business. | Robin Booker photo

VIDEO: Agri-Trend founder joins DOT marketing

MARICOPA, Ariz. — DOT Technologies Corp. has brought in Rob Saik as chief executive officer of DOT Ready Retail, a new sales and marketing side of the business. DOT is a Saskatchewan-built robotic platform designed to bring autonomous farming to broad acre grain production. “DOT Ready Retail will run in parallel to the DOT manufacturing […] Read more

The new MTZ K744 is powered by a 435 h.p. Mercedes engine and employs Bosch electronics and hydraulics. Farmers can swap tires for tracks without further adaptation.  |  MTZ photo

Russian tractor turns to German technology

The big MTZ 4WD,which is based on the old Belarus 7010, has Bosh electrics/hydraulics and Mercedes power

The new 4WD K744 tractor is powered by a 435 horsepower Mercedes engine with Bosch electronics and Bosch 74 gallon per minute hydraulics, new cab and a price tag of $290,000. The K744 is based on the old Belarus 7010 tractor but with numerous upgrades. The Russian-built unit has a semi-powershift transmission with 16F plus […] Read more

The EarthSenseTerraSentia  is a 25 pound autonomous robot that roams cornfields plucking out herbicide resistant weeds.   When it hits the market, the device will initially cost less than US$100 per acre per season to operate.   The developer says he can make a narrower unit that can work in 15-inch row spacings now used by some Canadian prairie farmers.  |  EarthSense photo

Weed-plucking robot roams fields

This tiny high-tech robot from Illinois recognizes young weeds and yanks the ravaging intruders hard by the neck 

Herbicide resistance is costing millions. Tillage fosters erosion. So, might you be interested in a 25-pound, 12-inch wide robot that travels between crop rows plucking out weeds? A new robot with a single-minded focus on yanking young weeds is attracting the attention of Illinois corn growers. TerraSentia is a small, totally independent robot that works […] Read more

Rogo Ag’s new autonomous soil sampler creates a hands-off approach to georeferenced soil sampling. The auger-based machine can sample more than 80 acres on a 2.5 acre grid every hour.  |  Rogo Ag photo

Robotic soil sampler eases workload

Rogo Ag hopes to have the autonomous soil sampler working in Canadian fields in the 2020 growing season

A Bobcat-mounted robotic soil sampler offers users consistent core samples and appears likely to drive down prices for sampling services. “It’s a completely autonomous robot. We developed all the technology in house, except the Bobcat platform that it rides on. We just drive it to a field, you unload it from the trailer, hit go […] Read more

Zasso’s technology to cook the weeds using electricity, in the foreground, makes short work of unwanted plants. Case New Holland has partnered with the Swiss company to release commercial machinery for farmers under the Xpower brand.  |  CNH photo

Swiss company develops new weed controller

A machine that destroys weeds using an electric current has been developed by a Swiss company, which will be marketed by Case IH under the XPower brand. This new system uses electrical current to control weeds and is the winner of a bronze medal in the Innovation Awards given by the organizers of the agri-business […] Read more

Catherine Hui Niu makes adjustments on an adsorption column, which is capable of treating water and particularly useful for gas-phase separation.  |  William DeKay photo

Grasping at straws

It’s all in the eye of the beholder. Where some see waste moving out the back end of combines, Catherine Hui Niu sees great opportunity. “Can we explore new use of those materials? Can we make better use, discover new technology to reuse those materials, recycle them, or add value to them?” asked Niu, associate […] Read more

Does the Canadian agriculture industry treat its data security seriously enough? Some experts say no. | WP graphic

The wild west of agricultural data

Canadian agriculture is in the midst of a sea change that stems from the digitization of farm production data. The sector was a little tardy in showing up for the digital revolution, but most growers now use techniques powered by complex algorithms and massive datasets. Telematics, cloud storage and processing, internet of things (IOT), sensors, […] Read more

Brenna Cannon, Farmers Edge intern, checks imagery as she inspects a corn field at the Peterson Brothers farm in Kansas. |  Farmer’s Edge photo

Small satellite networks: more than a pretty picture

Faster, smarter, sharper with more options describes the latest satellite technology information and services being delivered to growers. Hundreds of the toaster-sized units orbit the Earth taking thousands of snapshots of all corners of the globe every day. The rapid evolution in satellite technology has made high-resolution aerial field photos readily available to all farmers. […] Read more