The AutoPath is an all growing season tool. | John Deere photo

Keep ducks and row crops in line

The first implement pass affixes guidance lines for the rest of the season despite changes in machine width

High-value row crops demand a high degree of accuracy during in-crop spraying or tillage operations. High-value can become mid-value if weeds are missed or plants are accidentally sliced or sprayed. John Deere presented row-croppers with a solution last winter when it introduced its new AutoPath system, which provides identical row-to-row guidance data throughout the season, […] Read more

An optional panoramic roof offers the view of the loader at work. | John Deere photo

Deere launches chore tractor lineup

John Deere has put a new larger small tractor into its 5 series lineup and some large tractor features into the little machines. A factory installed guidance system for Autotrac, when paired with the PowrQuad push-button transmission, is now available on the 5M machines. The lineup used to stop at 115 horsepower, but an new […] Read more

Massey Ferguson RB 4160P Protec combo baler from Agco marries the rugged chassis of a silage baler to a more versatile design.  |  Agco photo

New solutions wrapped up

Massey Ferguson’s new RB 4160 P baler offers producers the option of poly or net wrapping on the go in under a minute. The system, besides creating individual baleage can bale dry hay and straw or materials as coarse as corn stover. The machine shares the chassis with the 4160 silage baler model, producing up […] Read more

When it comes to spraying the Trimble is working on systems that will decide what fields should be sprayed by looking at the crops growth stage and weather conditions.  |  Horsch photo

Trimble looks beyond the headlands in the future

Autonomous operations stretch past the fields’ edges and work with whole-farm operational logistics

Horsch and Trimble are working together on autonomous-agricultural robots. Phillip Horsch, owner of Horsch, tweeted a video of a robot pulling a planter during its spring testing regime, the first of three robotic prototypes the company plans to test this year. The robot in Horsch’s video is equipped with Trimble technology, and is a cab-less, […] Read more

Bilberry green on green detection is partnering with Netherlands based Agrifac. They hope to be testing the technology in Canada this year.  |  Bilberry photo

Finding green on green and dead where it needs to be

Reliably identifying green weeds among a green crop has long been a goal for spot spraying herbicides

There’s a race to build computer programs that instantaneously differentiates weeds and crops within images taken by sprayer-boom mounted cameras. Green-on-brown spraying, where cameras identify plants on brown soil background for burndown applications, has been around for at least 15 years. Weed-It, John Deere See & Spray Select and Amazone AmaSpot can all target individual […] Read more

Farm equipment, like most manufactured items, is experiencing shortages of everything from microprocessors to steel and rubber. Integrated supply chains and just-in-time delivery are only efficient when they work.  |  WP file photo

When the chips fall so do farm machinery sales

Farmers can buy it, but makers can’t make it; supplies of everything from computer chips to steel are failing

CHICAGO (Reuters) — Farmers in the United States, flush with cash after a run-up in grain prices, are clamouring for farm machinery maker Agco Corp. to get them new equipment in time for this year’s harvest. This is a boom time for the Georgia-based company after years of depressed demand. But Agco is scrambling to […] Read more

The 9,000 pound, autonomous field tool uses a 72-horsepower Cummins diesel engine and lasers that operate outside of the visible range at a 10.6-micron wavelength, rapidly making intense heat that, when focused on weeds, kills them. | Carbon Robotics photo

Lonely diesel-powered, laser-blasting, weed killing robot

A Seattle-based startup has launched a 9,000 pound autonomous robot that uses a 72-horsepower Cummins diesel engine to power weed-blasting lasers. The machine was built to manage weeds in vegetable row crops, although it may also have a fit on Austin Powers’ nemesis Dr. Evil’s farm, if he had one. “We’re focusing on low-lying row […] Read more

Boom options on the new Hagie sprayers range from up to 132 foot widths for the biggest machines and available pulse width modulation, indvidual nozzle control.  |  John Deere photo

Keeping farmer’s machine, making it green

Hagie application tools get more Deere, but keep the layout and feel of the original machine designs

In a little more than a month, Canadian farmers will be able to order the latest in Hagie sprayers. For those producers who have owned or followed the history of the Hagie, the 2022 model year will offer some substantial changes, but appear to be keeping the elements that have made the Hagie machines uniquely […] Read more

Chief executive officer Chris Lane said during the show's annual general meeting last week that work has begun for the 50th show. | File photo

Agribition plans to go live in the fall

Canadian Western Agribition plans to be back with a full, live event in Regina this fall, despite the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic and posting a significant loss in 2020. Chief executive officer Chris Lane said during the show’s annual general meeting last week that work has begun for the 50th show. This will include […] Read more

The Clean Seed Capital Group plans to build its Smart Seeder Max-S in Saskatoon. This model was photographed seeding winter wheat in central Alberta. | Clean Seed photo

Seeders to be built in Sask.

Saskatoon is the best location to produce the new Smart Seeder Max-S, said company officials of Clean Seed Capital Group. “It’s a great place to be. It’s central in Western Canada. I’m here, my executive team is here, supply chain is here, and then from a financial and investment perspective, it was a much better […] Read more