Sheep producers happy with average results at ram sale

FORT MACLEOD, Alta. — Organizers of the annual Pound Maker ram sale in southern Alberta may have to change the name of the event to the Rain Maker ram sale.

It rains almost every year on the day of the sale, and on May 19, the rain was particularly welcome as the first measurable precipitation in the area this spring.

Six consigners had 109 rams on offer from eight breeds. The overall sale average was $993 for the 10th annual sale, which was $13 less than last year’s average.

Sale organizer and consigner Warren Moore said ram longevity has become a factor for sales.

“I was talking to the producers later and they said that they would have bought more rams — and this is good and bad for us — but our rams are living too long and they’re able to get an extra year or two out of them,” said Moore.

“They’re just lasting longer than most rams, so that’s good.”

This year’s event broke the record for high-seller at $3,400 for one ram and $2,400 for its pen mate.

The previous record was $1,800.

“Our highs were higher and our lows were lower, but at the end of the day we’re right where we have been for the last few years,” said Moore.

The sale was particularly hot for Ile de France rams. The nine on offer averaged $1,633.

Nine Dorsets averaged $1,200, and 65 Suffolks averaged $923. Two Charollais averaged $900, the 12 Rambouillet averaged $815, and the three Hampshires averaged $850. Eight North Country Cheviots averaged $733, and one coloured sheep sold for $750.


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