Russia bans feed imports

The Russian Federation said undeclared or unregistered GMOs were found in recent shipments and that products shipped before June 17 would be tested before being allowed entry, according to a Canadian Food Inspection Agency statement. | Getty Images

The federal government is investigating claims from Russia that animal feed and pet food containing GMOs were shipped to that country.

The Russian Federation has suspended all shipments from Canada effective June 17, saying that undeclared or unregistered GMOs were found in recent shipments. Product shipped before June 17 will be tested.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Global Affairs Canada and Agriculture Canada are all working on the file.

According to the CFIA, Canada has shipped between $40 and $50 million worth of animal feed and pet food to the country per year.

From January to April this year the total was $11.4 million.

In 2020, the shipments included 10.6 million kilograms of dog or cat food for retail sale in airtight containers, 1.4 million kg of dog or cat food not in airtight containers, 258,000 kg of poultry feed and 5,000 kg of animal feed.

Exporters are required to meet the requirements of importing countries, the CFIA said.

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