Goat code nearly ready for comments

An updated code of practice for goats is expected to be ready for public comment in December, the National Farm Animal Care Council reports.

The current version of the code was established in 2003.

The usual code update process was interrupted by pandemic-related delays, the council said, but there has been collective effort to develop an updated code “that strikes a progressive balance between philosophical idealism and pragmatic realism.”

Progress also continues on the transportation code, one of the largest projects undertaken by the council because it involves many different types of livestock.

The code development committee has 23 members. Sub-committees are exploring personnel and equipment; loading and unloading; pre-transport planning; ventilation; and fitness for transport.

The council anticipates a draft to be ready for public comment in April 2022 and projects a completion date in spring 2023.

The dairy cattle code is also under revision for its 10-year update. The current version was approved in 2009. The council said sub-committees are now finishing drafts on the feed and water chapter and key topics in the health chapter and will begin detailed work on the housing chapter.

A revised dairy code is expected to be ready for public comment in May to June 2021 with projected completion of the updated code in spring 2022.

A code for farmed salmonids is also in the works and will be available for public comment in November.


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