Cougar hunt, fire insurance on group’s agenda

Saskatchewan cattle producers want a licensed hunting season for cougars.

The Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association discussed and passed a resolution to deal with cougars at its recent annual meeting.

Robin Wiggins of Fox Valley said producers in his area are concerned for the safety of both livestock and people. Cougars are becoming tamer and hanging around yards.

The motion also said hunters should be able to use dogs if they want to.

Past-president Doug Gillespie said people have told him that “if the dogs aren’t used, the success rate is somewhere from slim to none.”

Members passed a resolution supporting the continued use of flood irrigation in the southwest where the federal government is divesting itself of projects, and another supporting tax changes on land lost to production be-cause of flooding.

They agreed to lobby other stakeholders about the need for additional research into the value of carbon sequestration on grasslands.

As well, they passed resolutions to lobby the province for fire in-surance coverage for grass, continued consultation on Provincial Lands Act regulations and retention of the fuel tax exemption.

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