Check-off funded cattle research planned

Five research projects will receive funding this year using check-off money collected from Saskatchewan beef producers.

The Saskatchewan Cattlemen’s Association will invest more than $220,000 on the projects and expects to spend about $500,000 this year with the balance going to other research proposals that will be considered this fall.

“When the SCA board reviews the proposals, we are evaluating them on their likelihood to enhance the competitiveness and sustainability of Saskatchewan’s cattle producers over the short and long term,” Ryan Beierbach, co-chair of the SCA research committee, said in a news release.

One project involves the use of probiotics in feed to improve respiratory health in young calves. If successful, it could reduce the need for antibiotics to treat sick animals.

Other projects include:

  • research into high moisture corn and stover in finishing cattle diets
  • enhancing seed and biomass of drought tolerant fescue using novel seed traits
  • studies on barley forage in co-operation with the Saskatchewan forage council
  • use of butyrate as a novel functional ingredient in feedlot cattle


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