Agribusiness spreads positive ag message

BANFF, Alta. — An advertising campaign by Kentucky-based Alltech, an international feed, meat, brewing and distilling company, is resonating with the public.

“’We’re not doomed,” it says in a Facebook post.

Given that consumers get a steady diet of stories about the problems facing agriculture, a positive message appears to be welcome, said Alltech president Mark Lyons.

“Agriculture has the greatest potential today to shape the future of our planet,” he said at an Alltech breakfast organized during the Banff Pork Seminar. The challenge is to produce enough food for a growing population while caring for food animals and protecting the environment.

Natural resources may be finite, but human ingenuity is infinite, said Lyons.

“We believe we can have a world of abundance. Enough food in the right places, the right quantities, the right types of nutrition that our consumers, our human population, is going to want. And this is all made possible through new technologies.”

Those goals are behind Alltech’s new approach, Planet of Plenty. It replaces the former credo of focusing on animal, consumer and environment, the ACE concept, said Lyons.

Instead, the company is producing videos that provide positive stories about agriculture, among them a recent one recounting successful cattle production in Brazil that also protects forests.

“The new non-negotiable is sustainability. Going positive is the way we want to go. We think this is a perfect moment to be launching this new initiative.”

The company event also gave Aime Roy of Alltech the stage to discuss new hog feeding products, among them AcidPak 4-Way 2X, a combination of buffered acidifiers and electrolytes, and Actigen, a yeast-derived product designed to enhance pigs’ gut biome and prevent pathogens from colonizing in the gut.

Nupro, another yeast-derived product, is designed to improve pig gut development through 45 percent crude protein plus vitamins and minerals.

Two other new products related to gut health are not yet registered in Canada but application has been made.

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