Proposed wind power project chooses new site

A new location has been selected for a proposed wind power project in southwestern Saskatchewan.

In September, the province’s environment minister did not approve the first site north of Chaplin because of the potential impact on migratory birds.

Now, SaskPower and Algonquin Power have agreed to situate the $355 million, 177-megawatt project in the Blue Hills area south of the Trans-Canada Highway between Herbert and Neidpath.

SaskPower CEO Mike Marsh said the project is key to the corporation’s goal of doubling its renewable generating capacity by 2030.

“We’re expecting wind power to make up about 30 percent of our capacity within that same time frame, so we anticipate there will be many more opportunities for wind and other renewable energy projects in the future,” he said in a statement.

Last November, SaskWind, which had proposed a community-owned $90 million wind and solar project for the Swift Current area, announced it would discontinue its efforts because SaskPower said it wouldn’t consider the project until at least later this year.

It would have generated 25 MW from wind and 10 MW from solar.

The Algonquin project now enters the regulatory review permitting process. It could be producing power by 2020.


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