New pulse recipes open doors to a broader eating experience

When Chantal Bassett adopted a gluten-free diet, she knew there would be sacrifices.

“I have not had a peanut butter cookie in five years,” said Bassett, the acting manager of nutrition and health innovation with Pulse Canada.

But the sacrifices ended when Bassett tasted a new recipe for peanut butter cookies made with chickpea flour.

“I just couldn’t help it,” said Bassett, who recalled how Pulse Canada’s office staff consumed two batches of the cookies.

The recipe is part of a new Pulse Canada cookbook that will focus specifically on gluten-free recipes.

Carol Fenster, a gluten-free cookbook author, developed 30 original recipes for the Pulse Canada booklet that will be released in October.

“It will mostly focus on baked goods … because that’s where flour products generally are,” Bassett said.

The purpose of the book is to showcase pulses and demonstrate that gluten-free foods can be tasty and nutritious.

“I think that’s fairly well known that the nutritional content of rice and corn is fairly minimal.”

In contrast, pulse flours are high in fibre and protein and contain beneficial antioxidants.

The recipe book will be available on Pulse Canada’s website when completed.

Copies can be obtained from Pulse Canada at 204-925-4455.

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