Mousse cakes recalled

A variety of mousse cakes first subject to recall Aug. 11 due to risk of norovirus now are the focus of an expanded recall to include a wider variety of products.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency updated its food recall warning yesterday for several types of raspberry mousse cakes distributed across Western Canada and possibly nationally.

Recalled products bear the brand names Laura Secord, Michaud, Jessica and Top Dessert, while some are unbranded. Package sizes and expiry dates vary.

The CFIA news release indicates possible distribution of the projects in hotels, restaurants and institutions, as well as in retail outlets.

“These products may also have been sold frozen or refrigerated, or clerk-served from bakery-pastry counters with or without a label or coding,” the CFIA said in its release. “Consumers who are unsure if they have purchased the affected product are advised to contact their retailer.”

People with norovirus usually experience diarrhea, vomiting and stomach cramps within 24 to 48 hours of ingesting contaminated food, though the effects can strike suddenly and within as little as 12 hours.

Symptoms usually resolve themselves within one or two days with no long-term health effects.

The recall was triggered by a CFIA investigation of a food-borne illness outbreak, but the agency did not give details on the location of that outbreak or the number of people so far affected.

A complete list and photos of the mousse cakes subject to recall can be found here.

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