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Adam Fullerton, creator of Tractor Fitness, started out doing goofy videos in the tractor. It has grown to include a FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram page and a clothing line.  Hats and shirts sport “How’s your bin?” and “Look good, Feel good, Farm good.” 
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Adam Fullerton always liked making goofy videos while farming, but he never thought they would become a social media hit.

Fullerton, the creator of Tractor Fitness from Lacadena, Sask., started making videos during seeding last year after getting the “seeding crazies.”

“Everyone gets the same feeling in the tractor eventually, the feeling of ‘you want to get out there and talk to some real people instead of just the GPS or radio the whole day.’ ”

After making a few videos and posting them on Facebook, Fullerton had a few friends tell him to make a page, so he thought he’d give it a shot.

“I’m at (more than 12,600 likes), which is pretty crazy, I think, for just starting out as a little gag video in the tractor one day pretending to work out with wrenches, trying to keep off that old harvest gut,” said Fullerton.

He was also encouraged to launch a clothing line sporting comedic lines like “how’s your bin?” and “sons of agriculture.”

His Tractor Fitness clothing business, featured on social media sites, has steadily grown, with Fullerton selling more than 1,000 items in Canada, the United States and Australia in his first year.

“I love travelling around and seeing someone with the shirt I made on and it’s like ‘yeah that’s pretty cool, I like that,’ ” said Fullerton.

His videos range from workouts to remixes of popular songs with a farming twist. He also makes some memes that have become popular.

“I made one about going to school and that one reached 188,000 people so I thought that one was pretty cool,” said Fullerton.

He sponsors a local rodeo clown and has also approached a bull rider.

Fullerton never plans his videos.

“I can usually whip up a song in a couple hours if we’re driving truck or sitting in the combine singing to myself. If we’re combining canola, for some reason I start thinking about songs about canola,” he said.

Daniel Kuhn, a farmer and fan of Tractor Fitness, found out about the page from a friend.

He has contributed to the page with his version of Paul Brandt’s My Heart Has a History called My Mack Has a History.

“It’s definitely tailored towards the farmers and this time of year. A lot of times what a person needs when they’re out in the fields and stuff is a little bit of humour to brighten up their day because I know things can get pretty stressful out there,” said Kuhn.

He also said it’s nice to have a page that farmers can relate to about farming.

Fullerton has no plans for expansion in the short term because farming remains his priority.

“I’m not going to go out of my way to make a goofy video when there’s work to be done, but if the opportunity is there nine times out of 10, I’ll take it and see if it works out or not.”

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