An arrangement that says ‘wow’

TORONTO — Fillers and thrillers are essential components of homemade Christmas crafts.

Kelly Musters of Sandhill Nursery in Huntsville, Ont., who led seminars on creating festive containers and wreaths at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto in November, said supplies can come from greenhouses, craft stores or your own backyard.

“Go for a nice natural look, not a uniform look, and choose large impactful flowers to create a bright and beautiful element,” she said.

Start with enough mulch to fill containers and keep everything snugly in place.

Choose fillers of greens such as white pine or juniper. The thrillers can be items like red foam flowers or berries.

“They create colour and an eye catching component.”

Musters said less is more when it comes to the thriller elements.

“You want to create balance and not overwhelm the container.”

The displays require little care if weather is seasonal, but watering and spritzing will be needed in milder temperatures.

Do-it-yourselfers can save money by using containers such as old baskets or urns.

Store-bought containers can cost as little as $20 and wreath bases are around $25, with the remaining flourishes likely costing double that amount.

Musters said homemade crafts are a great way to channel creativity into something to enjoy and feel proud of making for the holiday season.

“It’s so nice to have a beautiful fresh wreath. Nothing is more impactful on your front door and it’s something you created yourself,” she said.

“It creates a wow impact.”

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