Wheat Growers seek carbon signatures

Carbon taxes are not popular with many producers, and the Western Canadian Wheat Growers group is setting out to capture those signatures.

In a petition it intends to present to the federal government and provincial leaders, the group is asking that farmers be recognized for their positive activities in agriculture. The WCWG also feels that carbon taxes “will wreak havoc throughout the entire agriculture value chain in Canada.

Levi Wood, the organization’s president, says the technology that producers use to grow crops in Western Canada and the conservation strategies they have are already environmentally friendly and a carbon tax will make it harder to adopt new tools.

He said in a statement October 4 that carbon taxes would end up being applied to food production across Canada, even if there were exemptions for farm fuels, showing up in fertilizer production and input and crop transportation.

The group is concerned that Prairies farmers will not be able to compete with farmers in the American Great Plains states and Australia, where the taxes aren’t present.

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