U.S. may launch public climate debate in January

WASHINGTON, Dec 7 (Reuters) – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency could launch a public debate about climate change as soon as January, administrator Scott Pruitt said on Thursday, as the agency continued to unwind Obama-era initiatives to fight global warming.

The agency had been working over the last several months to set up a “red team, blue team” debate on the science relating to manmade climate change to give the public a “real-time review of questions and answers around this issue of CO2,” Pruitt said.

“We may be able to get there as early as January next year,” he told the House energy and commerce committee during his first Congressional hearing since taking office.

Pruitt and other senior members of President Donald Trump’s administration have repeatedly cast doubt on the scientific consensus that carbon dioxide (CO2) from human consumption of fossil fuels is driving climate change, triggering rising sea levels, droughts, and more frequent, powerful storms.

In June, Trump pulled the United States out of a global pact to fight climate change, saying the deal was too costly to the U.S. economy and would hurt the oil drilling and coal mining industries.

Pruitt is reportedly vetting a list of scientists that have expressed doubts over climate change to take part in the coming debates, including some that have been recommended by conservative groups like the Heritage Foundation.

An EPA official did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the selection of scientists.

The debate would come as the EPA proposes to rescind the Clean Power Plan, former President Barack Obama’s main climate change regulation that was aimed at reducing carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.

On Thursday, Pruitt said the agency plans to propose a “replacement” for the Obama-era rule. He previously only committed to considering a replacement.

But Pruitt has also been under pressure from conservative climate change skeptics in Congress to go further and upend the scientific finding that CO2 endangers human health, which underpins all carbon regulation.

At the hearing, Pruitt said there was a “breach of process” under the Obama administration when it wrote its 2009 “endangerment finding” on CO2, because it cited the research of the United Nations climate science body.

“They took work from the U.N. IPCC [Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change] … and adopted that as the core of the finding,” Pruitt said.

He did not say whether he plans to try to undo the finding, which legal experts have said would be legally complex.

Pruitt told Reuters in July the debate could be televised.


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  • Harold

    This is something the man made climate change promoters have always dreaded; a debate against their own peers. Finally the truth will come out. The public will finally see that man made climate change is not supported by science, it is supported by the elimination of science and that many scientists have been deliberately ignored. (31,000 and climbing) I thank Trump for opening the doors of science and making it public. Finally the public can hear the debate and then decide for themselves and not have it decided for them. If Trump is not – for the people – then I don’t know who is. Even the people of Canada will benefit from this debate and perhaps globally. It is beyond the mentality of our government to provide us with the same. Now I am waiting for the agriculture open debate to uncover the fake peers and their reviews and I doubt that this would ever be Canadian leadership led. I’m also waiting for the NAFTA debate to uncover our incompetent government and I am sure that this debate will never see the light of day. Relentless Social engineering has created within us the belief that Canadians are foolish, other than ourselves and family, and therefore the government is more competent – when in fact there can be nothing more further from the truth. Kept in the dark by secrecy, makes any of the wise inactive. Canadians are inactive because secrecy keeps them in the dark and government is secrecy and they champion it. The government is only competent if we are kept in the dark. In the light we are competent and the government is transparent. Even though you are intelligent and have the ability to understand, you cannot know what is hidden and kept from you, therefore, you are Idle and the government falsely appears to be the competent and this is how corporate and government deception works. Outside of this realm, the ones who do in fact know – appear to the public as being a liar.
    Who is government – when we are paying their bills and wages and all things – to deny us our rights to know exactly what we are paying for? Because they said so – we ought to agree? What should we say in return about what our money is worth, and why aren’t we saying it loudly and meaningfully? Does our money that we give them have no value? If it doesn’t, we should all be stripped from it, and of course that is what the governments have been doing all along, haven’t they; taking our money at no value and spreading it as drunken sailors at every whim, port, and bar. The Liberals so far have cost Canadians 20 billion dollars and Canadians have not received 20 billion dollars in economic growth -and that is competence? Right now our Finance Minister cannot say when Canada’s books will balance even to a year, or decade, when asked. Is that competent? He complains about the former government while he with the other hand spends 20 billion dollars more and Trudeau ships money out of our economy and sends it to other countries free of charge. Those are the competent leading Canada right now. Undoing a mess is not their Forte; creating a greater mess is. The difference between Trump and the people of Canada is that Trump knows when to say – you’re fired. We can by our virtue verbally fire every politician at every public meeting and gathering for impact; just say the two words loudly – you’re fired – and then do it on paper at every election. What will the politician go home thinking; that he has done a good job? It is better that the Politician discover his own incompetence and that we just help him do it. In other words, If we want the “sky pink” and we say “you’re fired” the politician uncovers his own incompetence and we have just helped him do it. Two magic words that you never have to wait to use; and the survey says – your fired. The tools that the public have always had are gathering dust from non use, and secrecy is that dust.

    • Monkeeworks

      Government isn’t in power to do a good job. They are there to get 7 years in then retire on a full indexed pension that a middle class Canadian can’t conceive of ever getting.

      • Harold

        The government is a small group of humans with ordinary human minds who are paid to represent the will of the people who are paying them their wages. If the politicians are as you say that they are, and are in conflict, and they are not a servant to the public – it is not by the politicians own doing; it is by the Public’s inaction to the travesty. Accepting money for a duty not performed is a violation, but is not a violation if no one will make a claim that a violation has occurred; such is Canadians inactivity. Silence is agreement and your comment is silence and is nothing more than your agreement. Your statement tells me that you only know of how to keep the politician In that way.
        The government is empowered by your money and your money makes them your servant and as your servant they have a duty to perform on your behalf. Each politician presents at election times a menu board (platform) which is voted upon and your X authorizes the government to pay that Politician from our Tax dollars. therefore, the government are in power to do a good job but they have been receiving the money and not doing a good job – but to not stand up – is our failure – and not governments. Governance is simply a set of rules placed onto a dead piece of paper; The government – is the public – and the public’s servant – is only the person who adds the rules to the piece of paper, at our request and our payment, creating a governance that we the government have agreed to live by it – in majority – democracy. What we suffer from is a shortage of democracy and those corrupt politicians who have taken democracy from us by a slight of hand and have added their own rules to the governance and creating their own force of Law. Lobbyists are not elected and nether are the Lobbyists an advocate for the people and their money has no business in government halls yet the public blindly accepts this. Now politicians are paid and gain a benefit by two sources (tax payers and lobbyists – two masters) and the lobbyist are paid back in return with taxpayer money (grants, funding, loans, structured success) and lobbyists favored laws. and they are added to the governance and to we the government bypassing our democracy and electoral processes; thus the unelected are creating the rules. When we say that government is failing we are talking about us the government and our corrupt politician who has not placed the proper rules into the governance at our acceptance and request. The government is us and governance is our rules by majority acceptance – and the politician is our servant. Which one of us in Canada has voted for Political servant secrecy, Corporate secrecy, Lobbyist secrecy, agency secrecy, tax money secrecy, and a politician refusing to answer our questions? Trump has given to the people of America what they have paid for; transparency – a public climate debate. Trump has said that he will give government back to the people (the people are the government) and I know what he is saying and can see when he is in fact doing it. In Canada, is our corrupt politicians giving the government back to us? We live in a shortage of democracy and politicians willing to take it from us while we are paying them their wages and retirements.


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