Sask. seeding slightly ahead of five-year average

Saskatchewan farmers have seeded 78 percent of the crop, according to the provincial crop report as of June 2.

The five-year average is 76 percent.

Rain continues to delay progress for many producers. Localized flooding, hail, wind and insects, particularly flea beetles, are affecting emerging crops.

Some east central areas reported more than 75 millimetres of rain.

By region, the southwest is furthest advanced at 86 percent seeded, followed by the west-central at 85 percent, northeast 80 percent, northwest 76 percent, southeast 71 percent, and east-central, 67 percent.

By crop, 88 percent of durum and field peas has been seeded, along with 84 percent of spring wheat, 79 percent of lentils, 76 percent of canola, 66 percent of barley, 56 percent of flax and 46 percent of mustard.

Moisture conditions are generally good. Excess moisture is reported on 19 percent of crop land and 12 percent of hay and pasture land. Adequate conditions are reported on 77 percent of crop and 81 percent of hay and pasture land.

Moisture is short on four percent of crop land and six percent of hay and pasture. One percent of the latter is reporting very short moisture conditions.

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