Sask Party promises volunteer firefighter tax credit

Premier Brad Wall today announced a re-elected Saskatchewan Party government would implement a new tax credit for volunteer firefighters and emergency first responders.

It will cost about $1 million per year and be implemented as the province’s finances allow.

Wall announced the $330 per volunteer tax credit at the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities annual convention, where he has enjoyed strong support.

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In a speech to delegates on the second day of the provincial election, he reminded them of his government’s record on rural issues, particularly education tax on property.

“Every year at SARM, the NDP would talk about doing something with the education property tax on farmland,” he said. “But they never actually did anything and we started to see tax revolts across the province.”

He said his party addressed that issue and municipal revenue sharing soon after taking office in 2007.

He also said rural Saskatchewan is a key economic driver for the province.

NDP leader Cam Broten is scheduled to speak at SARM after lunch.


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