Manitoba’s dry edible bean harvest on track

WINNIPEG, Aug 11 (CNS) – Manitoba’s dry edible bean crop should come in this harvest with numbers roughly the same as last year, said Dennis Lange, pulse crops specialist with Manitoba Agriculture.

“This year, I would say right now, depending on how things settle out in the next little while, we’ll be at least equal to last year, if not a bit better,” he said.

Lange added that beans are just now entering the critical period when the story of this year’s growing season will be written.

He said many key bean-growing areas have had good growing conditions through the summer and timely rains have lifted prospects in some areas, but more rain right now would be ideal.

“That’s what makes the yield on beans, whether it’s soybeans or dry beans — that moisture when those pods are filling.”

He said disease pressure has been light, other than a few areas with denser canopies reporting white mould. As well, he said there haven‘t been any other serious yield or quality limiting issues.

Crop insurance acreage numbers of 122,000 acres of dry edible beans in the province are higher than 112,000 acres seeded in 2016. He added overall average yields were slightly down last year at 1,650 pounds per acre, compared to an average overall of 1,800 lb./acre in 2015.

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