Manitoba harvest inches forward, likely finished for 2019

WINNIPEG (MarketsFarm) – With a gain of two percentage points, the overall Manitoba harvest reached 91 percent complete, according to the province’s latest crop report.

In Manitoba Agriculture’s crop report summary for 2019, issued Nov. 12, the canola harvest rose from 91 to 94 percent finished. The spring wheat inched from 97 to 98 percent and soybeans went from 75 to 82 percent.

Other remaining crops were grain corn at 47 percent finished, sunflowers at 51, potatoes at 67, dry beans at 73 and silage corn at 81.

The combining of winter wheat, fall rye and field peas were completed more than a month ago. Since the Thanksgiving snowstorm, the oat harvest progressed from 93 to 99 percent complete as of Nov. 12. During the same period, barley moved only from 98 to 99 percent done.

In the southwest, the overall harvest was 85 to 90 percent complete, but several pockets within the region were under 70 percent finished.

In the northwest the harvest was almost complete and what has remained in the fields will likely be left due to the snow cover.

The central region saw some progress as colder temperatures firmed up the ground. Also, frost aided in the drying of crops. Fieldwork and fertilizer applications were at a slow pace.

Eastern Manitoba also benefitted from the cold weather, which allowed some of the harvest to continue. As with other regions, the extensive use of grain dryers and aeration bins was necessary. The region too will likely see some crops, such as canola, remain in the fields over the winter.

The harvest in the Interlake reached 90 percent complete, as farmers overcame poor drying conditions, short daytime hours, and a limited drying capacity. Again, some crops left unfinished with be dealt with in the spring.

Across much of Manitoba, hay supplies have remained tight and concerns over a feed shortage have remained.

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