Manitoba appoints bovine TB co-ordinator

Renowned Manitoba veterinary expert Dr. Allan Preston is becoming the first tuberculosis co-ordinator for the Riding Mountain National Park disease area.

The funding and creation of the position are causing the Manitoba Beef Producers to celebrate because they have long lobbied for it.

“Dr. Preston brings a tremendous amount of industry knowledge and expertise to this position, and we look forward to working with him,” said MBP president and Riding Mountain resident Ray Armbruster.

Bovine TB is endemic in groups of elk and deer within the national park, which sometimes wander into neighbouring areas and threaten to infect cattle.

A number of farms have had their cattle herds exterminated in recent years and the uncontrolled nature of the TB infection is a constant worry for area farmers.

The MBP has called for a TB co-ordinator in order to ensure that the disease control and hopefully eradication can occur in a planned manner rather than in sporadic actions resulting from infections.

The co-ordinator position required agreement of two federal and two provincial cabinet ministers and five government departments.

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