Green pea bids still pointed higher in Western Canada

Winnipeg, (MarketsFarm) – Green pea prices in Western Canada continue to rise, while bids for most of the other major pulses grown in the Prairies are also trending higher.

Spot green pea bids have risen by about 70 cents per bushel over the past two weeks to currently top out at C$10.50 per bushel, according to the latest Prairie Ag Hotwire data. Meanwhile, yellow peas have only improved by a nickel at most during that timeframe, to range from C$5.75 to C$6.60 per bushel.

Quality of the country’s pea crop is highly questionable this year, with more bleaching than usual, according to industry participants.

Green lentils have increased by a penny or two per pound over the past month, with bids for number one large greens as high as 26 cents per pound. Red lentils were trading in the 17.5 to 19 cents per pound range for number two or better.

Early winter weather in the edible bean growing regions of Manitoba and North Dakota/Minnesota hampered harvest operations for the crop, with prices for most varieties rising to their highest levels of the past year in many cases. Spot bids for navy beans in Manitoba are trading in the 35 to 38 cents per pound area, while pintos top out at 37 cents and black beans at 31 cents.

Chickpeas were the one major pulse crop showing signs of topping out, with larger caliber Kabulis losing a cent or two at the top end over the past week. Ten millimeter Kabuli chickpeas were trading as high as 28 cents per pound in the latest Prairie Ag Hotwire data.

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