German 2013 bioethanol production up 9.6 percent

HAMBURG, Feb 6 (Reuters) – German 2013 bioethanol production rose 9.6 percent to 672,000 tonnes from the previous year as low prices attracted buyers, German bioethanol industry association BDBE said on Thursday.

BDBE Chief Executive Dietrich Klein said Germany’s bioethanol is competitive, noting sales of gasoline with a higher 10 percent bioethanol content also rose.

The European Union in February 2013 imposed anti-dumping duties on imports of U.S. ethanol intended to be used as fuel.

German bioethanol production from sugar rose 5.2 percent on the year to 267,000 tonnes while about 405,000 tonnes was produced from feed grains, Klein said.

“A total of around 2.8 million tonnes of industrial sugar were processed into bioethanol,” he said. “That comprises around 11 percent of the German sugar beet production and shows the major importance of bioethanol for German sugar beet farming.”

German farmers have in past years produced well over their European Union sugar production quotas.

Sugar output over the EU quota cannot normally be sold as food but may be marketed for industrial use such as chemical or bioethanol output.

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