First PED swine virus case reported in Ontario

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The following notice was sent out from the Ontario Pork Industry Council today.



A farrow-to-finish farm in Middlesex County, Ontario has been identified having Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus (PEDV).  This is the first case reported in Canada.

PEDV is not a reportable disease in Ontario but the Health of Animals Act considers this type virus a “serious risk” and veterinarians must report it to the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

As it is the first case in Canada it has also been reported to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

The farm has stopped movement of all swine and is working with their veterinarian and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food to assess next steps.

Samples were sent to the Guelph laboratory and were confirmed last night (Jan.22).  Since then samples have been sent to Winnipeg for confirmation.  We expect results by tomorrow (Jan.24).

Ontario Pork fully supports the work of our provincial and federal government to work with the farmer and finalize the test results.


What Pork Producers Should Do:

PED can be transmitted by anything contaminated by manure so it is crucial to:

• ensure all trucks and trailers, and the driver’s clothing and boots, are washed and disinfected before arriving at your operation.

• keep truckers off your property until you have verified cleaning and disinfection has occurred

• be vigilant with your biosecurity protocols.


Changes in prevalence or type of diarrhea in your pigs could be a sign of PED. You should:

• report this ASAP to your herd veterinarian.

• ensure you have up-to-date records of recent pig movement.


Resources Available:

If you are a producer with questions, please contact your local veterinarian

For more information visit the websites of Ontario Pork (, Canadian Swine Health Board ( and Ontario Pork Industry Council (

Farm Animal Care Helpline (519) 837-1326

Contact Ontario Pork

Phone: 877-668-7675 or 519-767-4600


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